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Webinar Series: Small Group Coaching with Wattics


Wattics will be conducting a webinar series over the next 5-6 weeks aimed at helping its partners master the functionalities of the energy analytics dashboard. Each week, Customer Success Manager, Lorenzo, will bring together a handful of clients, providing an in-depth 30-minute training session that will help partners and ‘newbies’ alike practice, learn, and execute on the Wattics platform.

The online training webinars cover a variety of topics and include a live question and answer (Q&A) session.

Upcoming webinars: May and June 2018:

Webinar training will take place every week at 3 pm – 3:30 pm BST (incl. Q&A) (British Summer Time)


10 May 2018: Session 1

  • Overview: widgets and notifications (including how to set a notification)
  • Sentinel trends



17 May 2018: Session 2

  • Overview: breakdown tab
  • Demonstrate the division of consumption by pre-determined KPIs
  • Analysis of raw data tab



  24 May 2018: Session 3

  • Overview: activity maps
  • Analysis: operations analyser demonstrated through a sample project



 31 May 2018: Session 4

  • In-depth analysis: Measurement & Verification case study



  7 June May 2018: Session 5

  • How to build an automated report
  • How to generate and automate utility bills



You will also receive a calendar invite with the webinar details acknowledging that your registration has been received.


If you have any questions or have any suggestions/questions you would like to be covered in any one of the training sessions, please email amy.ryan@wattics.com with your suggestions.


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