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[Webinar] Evolution of energy efficiency in 2020-2021: Achievements and Trends

Why is it relevant for you?

The need for intelligent buildings that are optimised for energy efficiency, integrate renewable energy sources, are built & retrofitted with sustainable materials, and aim for carbon neutrality – is again thrust into the spotlight as many have shifted to home working, and spend less time in indoor spaces.

The indoor spaces in which we work, study and are at leisure, have become some of the highest risk places to be during the COVID-19 pandemic, with people around the world mandated to “stay home” all while these maintenance and resource-intensive buildings have largely been left to stand empty.

This is the scenario that many building owners and managers face under very unpredictable conditions.

On Tuesday, 15th (4.00pm GMT) & Thursday, 17th (9.30am GMT) of December, Wattics CEO and Co-founder Antonio Ruzzelli will demonstrate how energy analytics can help managers of large building portfolios to scale performance analysis across their facilities to quickly identify saving opportunities and make building operations more resource-efficient and cost-effective, as well as save time in delivering a myriad of energy services eg. automated reporting and billing based real-life case study examples. Registration finished.

Agenda What’s on the agenda?

In 1 hour, you will get to know more about:

[View/Opinion] Energy efficiency in buildings 2021: Responding to evolving needs

Wattics energy analytics platform innovations in 2020

Partner Installation of the year 2020 [Case Study]: Scaling energy efficiency and billing services for a 278 m skyscraper & other prime commercial estates in London – presented by James Wood, Managing Director, Optimised Energy (London, UK)

Deep dive: ‘Wattics Portfolio Analyst’ > bulk analytics features for enhanced data visualisation and scaling building performance analysis

NEW Releases: Geo-location maps, consumption event-tracking report (Sentinel) and energy-savings ranking tool

Questions and answers session

Through the content outline above, you will know how to do the following on the Wattics dashboard:

  1. Organise and map your utility and business data for quicker analysis
  2. Check how your buildings are performing against energy-saving goals and targets
  3. Add static and dynamic KPI’s and evaluate their impact on consumption in your buildings
  4. ‘Label’ or tag and group meters, equipment, building types for more targeted analysis
  5. Centralize real-time data streams across utilities, sensors, and other systems into one unified picture
  6. Quickly pinpoint the areas or facilities with the highest savings potential in a ranking chart
  7. Learn how to scale analysis and reporting for large building portfolios through practical case study examples

Who will benefit from the webinar

    • Energy professionals
    • LEED/ISO 50001 certifiers
    • Facility managers
    • IoT/Smart meters/System integrators for commercial and industrial sectors
    • Energy auditors and analysts in retail, hospitality, pharmacy, public buildings, manufacturing sectors etc.
    • Engineering and sustainability consultants
    • Energy service companies managing multiple building portfolios or sites

Who are the speakers?

Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO & Co-founder, Wattics 

Antonio has 15+ years experience in IoT and Energy management field and a PhD in computer science. He worked on small and large energy efficiency projects, has known all the pains energy engineers face and passionately implements his knowledge and experience in the Wattics platform. In 2020, he guided Wattics to receive the Frost & Sullivan “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award for the Energy Management sector.”
Antonio’s LinkedIn

James Wood, Managing Director, Optimised Energy

With a strong background in consulting and finance, starting as an energy and marine insurance broker at Lloyds of London, James developed the vision for the Optimised Group. James plays a major role in serving key accounts from strategy, delivery and implementation of the organisation’s many services. His mission is to create a leading energy services business, featuring the best people, technology and building concrete client relationships.
James’s LinkedIn


We will host 2 live webinars:
Tuesday, December 15 @ 4:00 pm GMT (Irish time)
Thursday, December 17 @ 09:30 am GMT (Irish time) (Repeat)
Duration 1 hour

How? How to register?

Registration finished.

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