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[Free Webinar] Chasing net-zero buildings/facilities: ‘Old hat’ or chasing the near impossible?

Why is this webinar relevant to you?

Building owners, operators, and managers are increasingly working to create facilities that not only use less energy but those that are carbon neutral releasing zero emissions into the atmosphere.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), buildings and construction together account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2).

In its 2017 Global Status Report, UNEP notes that:

“Progress towards sustainable buildings and construction is advancing, but improvements are still not keeping up with a growing buildings sector and rising demand for energy services.”

While there are many pioneering net-zero buildings in major cities across the world, how do businesses, real estate owners and operators apply the net-zero concept at scale? What does this look like in practice? What are the key design and performance-related considerations when planning net-zero buildings – and how do these differ for existing and new buildings?

These are the questions that esteemed speaker, Professor Tony Day, Executive Director at International Energy Research Centre (IERC) will address in a webinar.


Agenda Agenda

✅ Key considerations when planning a net-zero building or facility (retrofit & new build)

✅ Integrated building design and operation with the energy supply network

✅ Role of monitoring, data & analytics in managing building energy performance

✅ Top services/offerings to incentivize building owners/managers to move toward net-zero

✅ Question and answer session

Who will benefit from the webinar

  • Energy professionals
  • Architectural firms
  • LEED/ green building consultants
  • Building facility managers, engineers
  • Energy service companies managing multiple building portfolios or sites
  • Energy auditors and analysts


Who is the speaker?

Tony Day
Professor Tony Day, Executive Director of the International Energy Research Centre (IERC)

Prior to his current position as Executive Director at IERC, Tony was Energy Services Director at TEAM, having worked for 20 years at London South Bank University in teaching and research. He has conducted research and published widely in the areas of building energy analysis and the application of low and zero-carbon technologies in the urban environment. Tony is a Fellow of both CIBSE and the Energy Institute.



Date: Thursday, 16 April 2020
It’s now available in the recording.

How? How to get the recording?

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