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Wattics Update [May 2021]: New energy savings reports, smart tech integrations + 8 energy analytics articles

The first quarter of 2021 has given way to a series of new developments on the Wattics energy management software, which includes the release of 3 new report types, platform integrations with meter manufacturer Shelly, and BMS solution provider Wattsense. We’ve also published a stream of new content, which includes our top read blog in the last month, “Top 8 reasons why your customers need energy monitoring in 2021”.

Let’s have a look at these in more detail, shall we?

NEW! Daily Sentinel Report

The daily Sentinel report builds on the existing monthly Sentinel report, which denotes whether your monitored facilities have fallen out of line with historical characteristic usage – be it electricity, gas, water, or another metric. This report is very useful to track daily behaviour & performance of equipment and appliances, or areas within a building or business processes.

You can read more about the potential use cases of this report in the Wattics knowledgebase here.

NEW! Co2 Carbon Report (Monthly)

The carbon report helps you to understand how much carbon your site/facility or building is emitting on a monthly basis. Information in the report includes total CO2 emissions (in Kgs) for the month selected (eg. March 2021) and compares the current month with the previous month’s emissions (eg. February 2021) as well as a comparison against the same month of the previous year (eg. March 2020).

The report also tracks performance against a goal and provides a graph showing daily emissions of your site/facility or building. Co2 carbon monitoring, tracking and reporting is growing in demand as large power commercial and industrial businesses are compelled to act in light of regulatory pressures & mandatory reporting in response to accelerated climate change, energy expenses, as well as in internal & external stakeholders requirements & expectations.

This article details how you can put together a carbon report in the Wattics dashboard and expands on how carbon monitoring & reporting can benefit yours or your client’s bottom line, improve stakeholder perception and prompt improvements for increased energy efficiency & sustainability.

NEW! Power Quality Monitoring (Monthly)

The new power quality monitoring report provides critical insight into the stability of your electric network. The report provides monthly performance graphs for the following electrical parameters: Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, RMS Voltage and RMS Current of a meter or monitored circuit.

With this report, you can, for example, more easily identify peak demand how this changes from day to day, week to week, or over the course of a month; evaluate reactive power performance to ensure stable voltage in an electrical network, examine the differences between phases with high variability which might suggest that equipment may need rebalancing; and identify whether your power quality issue does indeed originate from the electrical supplier, or if it was caused by something within your organisation.

These insights are critical to effective facility management & maintenance as the supply that feeds the devices in your electrical network affects ability of the devices to function properly. Monitoring the quality of your electrical supply, can help to prevent damage and protect the longevity of equipment; and reduce energy wastage.

See explainer article and additional uses for the Power Quality report here.

Shelly 3EM energy meter and Wattsense IoT gateway now fully integrated with Wattics

Shelly 3EM

We are delighted to announce that Shelly’s WIFI-enabled 3EM meter is the latest addition to the extensive list of compatible devices with the Wattics platform. The Shelly 3M meter is highly suited for commercial and industrial facilities, for which you can now access your monitoring data for further analysis on the Wattics energy monitoring dashboard. If you currently have Shelly 3EM meters and would like to integrate your devices with Wattics; or would like to know more about the 3EM meters for your projects, see the Shelly device integration guide & unboxing video using the link below :

“Connect your Shelly 3-EM 3phase meter to the Wattics energy management dashboard”

Coming soon: Examples of analyses you can do with your Shelly device using the Wattics energy analytics dashboard

Wattsense gateway aka “The Box”

Founded and based in France, Wattsense, is a leading IoT BMS provider, who’s gateway “The Box ” & cloud application is now fully integrated with the Wattics platform. If you are currently using a Wattsense box, you can connect your meters, sensors, HVAC, lighting and other facilities registered in your Wattsense account. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about connecting your meters to Wattics cloud-based energy management dashboard via the Wattsense gateway or “Box”, you can contact our support team to find out about your device compatibility with the Wattsense gateway.

Through the secure API data integration between Wattsense and Wattics, you can access your device data through the Wattics dashboard and begin doing your analyses and creating energy saving reports. The new partnership provides a solution that offers both deep analysis, monitoring, tracking & reporting through Wattics and improved control of device behaviour through the WattSense app.

For more on this Wattics-Wattsense integration, click on the link below:

“How to connect your WattSense box to Wattics cloud-based energy analytics software”

Coming soon: Examples of analyses you can do with your WattSense data using the Wattics energy analytics dashboard

Other developments at Wattics…

System integrators, device manufacturers and solution providers, this one’s for you!

The Wattics software engineering team has enabled a way for you to integrate the platform’s ‘raw data’ tool interface as part of your service/solution offering – meaning that you can embed Wattics’ analytics functionality into your own company’s cloud/software platform or provide your customers a branded turnkey hardware + software solution.

The raw data tool gives you access and the ability to visualise a wide range of electrical parameters for deep power quality analysis. Navigating through different periods of time allows you to visualise the latest kW, PF, V, I readings and analyse daily/weekly patterns. Through the raw data tool, the peak demand finder feature helps you identify when the highest demand in kw or kva occurred. You can see peak demand based on 15 or 30 minute averages.

The charting options available help you to dig deeper into consumption events g. energy consumption “peaks” (highest reading) or “valleys” (lowest readings), especially when analysing data in large timeframes, where traditionally, data is averaged and high/low consumption events aren’t easily identified.

From the raw data interface data can be exported in one click to image, PDF and CSV format.

If integrating the raw data functionality with your current solution is something you’d like to talk to us about, you can get in touch with our customer success team here.

Accuenergy Update

If you currently work with Accuenergy meters – more specifically, the AcuRev 2100 series and AcuVimWeb2 communication module, you can now select the electrical parameters you would like to push to Wattics, through new endpoint development by our software engineering team. To know more, get in touch with our customer success team here.

UTC date & time format for data collection

Wattics has enabled a UTC timestamp for data collection from your meters connected to your dashboard. This means that you will be able to see data collected with a UTC date and time, instead of your local timezone. If you’d like to know more about this development and how to ensure that your data has a UTC associated date, and timestamp, get in touch with our customer success team here.

Formula Meter Update

Did you know? You can now change the colour and icon the formula meters in your dashboard by following these simple steps:

  1. Log-in to your Wattics dashboard. Navigate to the Organisations tab in the admin section of your dashboard, and search for the organisation to which your Formula Meter belongs. Click on the relevant organisation.

2. Locate the Formula Meter in your Organisation/Site. Click on the ‘Icon Colour’ field to the right (see example below) to open the colour picker. Select your chosen colour and hit ‘Save’.

Air Quality & Wattics

Air quality monitoring is growing in importance and is a highly requested feature as building owners/managers and occupiers are beginning to re-introduce their staff and clients back to their places of work, study and leisure. Occupant health and safety top of mind amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Wattics is working on exciting new developments related to air quality monitoring and will be providing updates on these developments over the coming weeks.

Watch this space!

New on the Wattics Knowledgebase:

We’ve been working feverishly to bring you help articles and guides to assist you get the most out of the tools in your Wattics dashboard. Below you will find the latest articles published on our blog & knowledge base:

Coming soon: How to use the Portfolio Analyst tool for your energy efficiency projects

Blog of the month:

As commercial and industrial businesses seek to balance the demands of cost, energy efficiency and re-introducing their employees, staff and clients back to their places of work, leisure, recreation, it is crucial to consider how energy monitoring and strategic energy management can boost efforts to reduce waste, costs and improve resource efficiency across building and business operations, processes and activities.

Energy monitoring & analytics is a must to effectively implement a holistic plan that provides insight into building performance, and one that ensures a healthy environment for occupants.

If you are an energy consultant, analyst or company providing energy related services, energy monitoring and analytics provides a significant opportunity to help your clients achieve their cost reduction, efficiency and sustainability goals.

Here are the top 8 reasons why your customers need energy monitoring in 2021

If this article is your first introduction to Wattics and you’d like to know more about the any of the abovementioned new releases or developments for your projects, book a free demonstration of these tools, using the form below:

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