Wattics to launch new M & V tool in Milan in 2015
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Wattics to launch new M & V tool in Milan in 2015

Wattics, the leading Energy Management software company based in Dublin, Ireland, are launching their new Measurement and Verification tool ( M & V) and Partnership Program on the 20th January, at ESCO-Europe, Europe’s largest ESCO-focused annual platform. Wattics is sponsoring ESCO Europe 2015 and Antonio Ruzzelli, Wattics CEO, will also be speaking at the event about energy analytics and the benefit for ESCos of any size.

The M & V tool is designed for energy professionals in charge of delivering White Certificates and energy/carbon credits using IPMVP certification. The advancement of this tool provides a service, which accelerates the conversion of energy savings projects into monetary benefits.

The concept behind the new M & V tool is to revolutionise the way ESCO companies conduct their projects, streamlining their energy conservation projects, achieving more energy savings, identifying which projects are the most viable from a financial point of view, so to ensure seamless and profitable energy performance contracting. The immense benefits of the Wattics M & V tool for ESCO companies include abandoning complex excel files, locating all data and documents in one central place online, simplifying projects management with a step-by-step adjustable IPMVP compliant process, and importing data from existing energy management solutions directly from the user’s interface.

A unique advantage of the Wattics automated M & V tool combined with the Wattics Sentinel Self-learning energy analytics engine is on one hand the versatility to automatically import any meter data and other relevant non-energy data used develop the regression model, and on the other hand the valuable automatic learning process that goes on continuously, which alert the operator if there are unexpected factors or issues that may compromise the saving project. This is a major step forward towards the management of saving projects as many ESCO partners using the system have stated.

Antonio Ruzzelli, Wattics CEO, states: “We are absolutely thrilled to empower our Energy Professional Partners and we are continuously looking for new ones that are willing to stand out from the mass, to deliver exceptional energy efficiency services, to make a difference in this market.

We are extremely excited about the launch of our unique automated M & V Tool and we have developed a simple and straightforward way of integrating partner’s data into our analytics engine and dashboard. Today, we offer one the best cloud-based energy platforms at the most competitive subscription tariff in the market.

However, it is important to contact Wattics before starting your energy saving projects to be sure the right parameters are taken before and after the conservation measures. Once the client sees the monetary benefits achieved and the potential to achieve more, the client requests the system to be installed permanently, as we always see.”

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