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Wattics and UAE’s Smart Sustainable Services to deliver data-driven building energy management solutions & digital tech services in MEA

Wattics Energy Management Software is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Dubai headquartered energy service provider Smart Sustainable Services (SSS) to deliver an integrated solution that would afford owners, managers and operators of large building portfolios and businesses highly granular insight into building and operational performance for better resource efficiency, savings, optimization and control.

Smart Sustainable Services works with energy service companies, as well as commercial and industrial businesses primarily in the Middle East & Africa delivering innovative consultancy & technology solutions related to energy efficiency, green building, building intelligence & environmental management.

“The energy efficiency market is growing rapidly in the GCC and Middle East” – Sherif Farag, Operation Manager, Smart Sustainable Services (SSS)

The company advisers and engineers have varied projects experience across multiple property verticals including hospitality, retail, commercial offices, education, healthcare, residential (multi-tenant buildings, complexes) & luxury accommodation.

The criticality of analytics for accurate & transparent energy-savings

Commenting on the new partnership with Smart Sustainable Services Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO and Co-founder of Wattics says, “Through this partnership, Wattics is able to cooperate with Smart Sustainable Services to bring unparalleled insight and transparency to how, when, where and by which facilities energy and other resources are used in building and business operations, through powerful and advanced energy management and data analytics software. “

“Data and the analysis thereof is critical to ensuring the transparency and delivery of verified savings especially under energy-saving performance contacts, where savings are guaranteed, and ROI is dependent on the accurate measurement and verification of conservation measures and actions. We look forward to working closely with Smart Sustainable Services to help businesses and owners dig deeper in identifying opportunities for savings, spotting inefficiencies and cutting carbon emissions through data-driven insights and intelligence.” 

Energy efficiency market in GCC countries & the Middle East

The energy efficiency market is growing rapidly in the GCC and Middle East, says Operation Manager of SSS, Sherif Farag. “The building sector in the UAE has the highest potential for energy efficiency and energy savings opportunities. As energy efficiency advisers, Smart Sustainable Services helps and supports its customers to increase revenues and cash flow by delivering high tech, cost-optimized and innovative energy-saving solutions. 

“Smart Sustainable Services empowers individuals, businesses and communities to achieve the highest profits by investing in energy efficiency projects through facilitating financing and offering innovative business models.

Farag continues, “Unlike other more costly energy efficiency practices such as systems upgrades, Smart Sustainable Services offers best energy efficiency strategies and technologies that improve the performance of buildings and systems in order to provide immediate reductions in energy use and energy costs with ROI and paybacks which can be measured in months, not years. Additional benefits include improving the reliability of buildings systems, reducing operation & maintenance costs and make buildings more healthy and comfortable.”

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    About Smart Sustainable Services:

    Smart Sustainable Services DWC-LLC has been working with clients on a variety of innovative sustainable services, using our expertise and activities and utilizing the latest standards and technologies. We aim to improve the way our communities run, optimizing energy resources and making them more sustainable. Our main purpose is to offer our clients better environment and sustainable lifestyle through various sustainable services like energy analytics and efficiency, renewable energy, green buildings, buildings performance, healthy buildings, buildings intelligence, food waste management and environmental management.

    About Wattics

    Wattics is an enterprise cloud energy management and analytics software used by energy service companies, energy consultancies, as well as green building, and facility management professionals to monitor energy consumption, spot energy inefficiencies, increase sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions for buildings and businesses in commercial and industrial environments. The software platform enables the collection, management, and analysis of utility/IoT/sub-meter data to conduct energy audits, forecast savings, benchmark building portfolios and analyse KPIs, measure and verify efficiency and renewable energy projects, analyse tariffs and create sustainability reports at scale.

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