Wattics releases Sentinel, a self-learning engine for energy savings

Wattics releases Sentinel, a self-learning engine for energy savings

Dublin, Ireland – June 16, 2014 – Wattics Limited, a leading provider of software intelligence for energy management, announced today the release of Sentinel, a much-anticipated self-learning analytics engine enabling automatic discovery of energy anomalies and energy-saving opportunities from meter readings. Targeting commercial and industrial customers, Wattics innovate within the energy management market by assisting end-users in detecting energy inefficiency, as it occurs, and by converting complex meter readings into clear notifications with recommendations. Customers are notified by email, online dashboard and through a mobile app, allowing them to achieve immediate savings. Wattics Sentinel offers an easy and inexpensive way to add expert data analysis to a variety of commercial, industrial and consumer monitoring applications, and is designed to work with any conventional meter.

“At Wattics energy software we will never stop innovating! We want our customers to have the most innovative energy management solution in the market. That’s why we are pioneering Sentinel. Sentinel addresses common problems for our customers which include having limited time to investigate energy graphs and having difficulty to identify saving opportunities. Sentinel constantly learns about the operation of appliances and areas, identifying correlation between their use and characterising good and bad use over week days, week-ends and bank holidays. After a couple of weeks, Sentinel starts notifying area managers and operators about important energy issues, allowing them to focus on the actual implementation of the actions with greater results. With Sentinel, our customers will never miss an opportunity to save money, and all the saving actions are recorded so that each manager can demonstrate how much money the company has made through his or her actions. Sentinel boosts user engagement and brings fun to the energy management sector. Talented employees have an instrument to demonstrate how the company has improved the bottom line and are incentivised to do so, perhaps leading to a reward such as a promotion or a salary increase. “ said Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO Wattics.

Wattics Sentinel is the new addition to Wattics energy hardware, disaggregation and dashboard solutions, and can be licensed for integration within partner’s solutions.

For more information visit https://www.wattics.com.

About Wattics Ltd.

Wattics is a truly innovative online energy management platform that uses advanced software algorithms to uncover equipment activity reports, anomalies and all valuable insights contained within raw energy measurements, enabling innovative real-time notifications and recommendations to end-users for immediate savings. Wattics demonstrated savings greater than 20% for clients in commercial/industrial buildings, and was acknowledged “2012 Best Emerging Company in Ireland”.

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Samantha Aipar

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