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Wattics recognised as energy management software ‘Market Leader’

Wattics has been named a ‘Market Leader’ in the Energy Management Software category in FeaturedCustomers’ Summer 2021 Energy Management Software Customer Success Report.

FeaturedCustomers is the world’s leading customer reference platform for B2B business software & services. Its annual Energy Management Software Customer Success Report, recognises key players in the provision of software that helps its users improve energy utilization to minimize carbon emissions and promote efficient consumption.

The Market Leader designation is awarded to energy management software providers with substantial customer base and market share, notes FeaturedCustomers. [View Wattics Energy Management Software Market Leader award here]

The report is based on over 1,000 pieces of verified customer reference content. Other than customer base and market share, other factors considered include customer reference rating scores, social presence and authority, relative to company size.

“The award as Market Leader is a great recognition of having built, over the last 10 years, a robust software, that is really designed and functions in response to the need for a advanced, user friendly tool, that provides the much needed transparency and insight into the resource intensity & environmental impact of building and business operations.”

– Antonio Ruzzelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Wattics

“The needs of commercial and industrial business owners are continually evolving. This fact makes our partnership with energy service providers, consultants, analysts, green building professionals and the like, who serve energy intensive businesses, important. Listening to the needs of our customers (ESCOs, consultants, analysts etc) helps us better understand the functionalities that they require to ensure they can deliver the services, projects and savings to the end-client – be they hotel groups, retail chains, commercial real estate, universities, manufacturing and so on,” adds Ruzzelli.

Celebrating 10 years

The recognition as Market Leader coincides with the 10 year celebration of the company’s [Wattics] incorporation in 2011. Ten years ago, in its infancy, Wattics began the with the development of a technology able to recognise the kWh consumption of individual appliances in buildings without requiring an extensive meter build-out, as well as a cloud-based platform from which to view, analyse and report on electricity consumption data of building equipment/appliances, collected by the Wattics system.

A change in business model and progression of its energy analytics platform has enabled Wattics to massively scale the benefits of greater transparency and visibility into building performance, with thousands of businesses through its global ESCO partner network spanning 53 countries worldwide.


“The key point for Wattics leadership in this dynamic and always evolving market is innovation. Quick responses to our partners’ needs are fundamental to keep up with the market changes and to fulfill their requirements.”

Thiago Nuic, Head of Software Development, Wattics


Today, the Wattics energy analytics and energy management platform offers a wide set of web-based analytical tools that enables the collection, management, and analysis of utility/IoT/sub-meter data to conduct energy audits, forecast savings, benchmark building portfolios and analyse KPIs, measure and verify efficiency and renewable energy projects, analyse tariffs and create sustainability reports at scale.

New developments in the pipeline

“As we celebrate what we’ve been able to achieve over the last decade, we are also looking to how the [Wattics] technology will evolve next and progress further. The last year and a half has brought many challenges for businesses the world over.”

– Anna Chitturi, Global Partnership Director at Wattics


Apart from financial pressures, business and building owners are trying to understand how to balance demand between effective energy management while keeping their facilities safe places in which to work, learn, be at leisure.

Hinting at some possible new developments, Anna concludes, “Covid-19 certainly has drawn a big focus on building health, and specifically indoor air quality. With a growing need to understand the relationship between energy management and air quality, Wattics will soon launch a new complementary solution that will enable the unification of energy monitoring and air quality data to understand building performance and sustainability from a holistic viewpoint.”


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