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Wattics launches new tool to help building professionals strike balance between indoor air quality and energy efficiency

Dublin, 10 November, 2021 /Wattics Ltd/ — Wattics has introduced a new tool which incorporates the monitoring and analysis of indoor air quality for commercial and industrial buildings—WatticsAir.

The WatticsAir tool is two-fold. First, a customisable TV/Indoor display, serves as a monitoring and visualisation tool to understand how your buildings/facilities are performing at any point. Second, it enables the integration of multiple data sources including energy and air quality to be analysed in a single platform. This is pivotal to understanding what’s really going on in your buildings—more specifically—the relationships that exist between different variables, for example, energy consumption and indoor air quality, or indoor air quality and carbon emissions. 

In terms of visualisation, the WatticsAir TV/Indoor display tool (shown below) can be configured to display air quality parameters such as PM 2.5, PM 10, TVOC, CO2, Humidity, Temperature as well as other environmental data including outdoor air quality.

The TV display tool can also be configured to display kWh consumption buildings and facilities. This valuable feature is key to seeing how kWh consumption and indoor air quality interact in near real-time.

[Pictured above] Configurable ‘kiosk’/TV Display view of WatticsAir

Balancing energy efficiency and indoor air quality

Can it be done? With the right tools….yes

Further to the monitoring and visualisation of air quality performance, WatticsAir is an analytics dashboard through which energy, air quality, environmental, business and other data can be merged and analysed in a single view. Bringing these datasets together allows air quality specialists, sustainability consultants as well as analysts, to dig deeper, to identify areas of grave inefficiency, and find correlations between different variables that have an impact. 

These analyses could include, for example, evaluating performance over a period of months, days, or hours and comparing these to historical trends. Other analyses could include normalising energy consumption based on air quality parameters, and/or understanding how IAQ helps drive performance optimization and operational decisions on HVAC systems.

The measurement and verification of saving actions/ HVAC optimisation technologies, could also help to understand their return on investment toward achieving a better balance between energy efficiency and indoor air quality.



Built-in indoor air quality performance standards

Already integrated into the WatticsAir platform are the Regenerative Ecological, Social, and Economic Targets (RESET), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and WELL standards for benchmarking air quality performance in buildings. Leveraging WatticsAir smart alerts, analysts, and project managers can ensure that air quality is maintained within acceptable levels and keep an eye on progress toward savings goals.

The benefits of bringing together energy and air quality data are numerous, with data analysis at the core to understand which actions to take in order to bring air quality and energy efficiency into harmony.

Commenting on the launch of WatticsAir, Antonio Ruzzelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Wattics said, “Keeping an eye on the indoor health of the buildings in which we live, work, learn, shop, and are at leisure, is high on the priority list of facility managers and business owners, who need to ensure a safe environment for their staff and clients.”

“With more than 10+ years of expertise in energy data analytics & machine learning technology, we’ve introduced WatticsAir which leverages the analytical power of the Wattics platform to not only monitor, visualise and analyse indoor air quality, but, also integrate energy monitoring and other data sources, which is critical to get a full picture of the behavioural trends that exist in a building. Without the transparency that data analytics brings, understanding which actions to take to balance air quality and energy efficiency in buildings, is near impossible.” – Wattics CEO

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