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Wattics energy management software update – Q1 2019

The development team at Wattics Energy Management has been working feverishly over the first quarter of 2019 to bring you the latest feature updates just released on the platform. These additions further enhance the functionality and usability of the platform, providing users with an increasingly effective and efficient energy management, analysis and reporting experience.

Here are the latest updates for Q1 – 2019:

1. Offline notifications: Extended notification timeframes and new email subject field

Wattics has extended the timeframe in which a notification can be sent eg. after a meter has gone offline or should the platform stop receiving data from a meter(s). Users can set notifications to be sent from 5 minutes to 7 days after such an event has transpired. Users can also set a custom email subject when notifications are sent. See below:

energy monitoring notification

2. Show total in Breakdown Tab for virtual meters

Users can now view total values eg. kWh and cost for electrical virtual meters in the Breakdown Tab. Values are displayed at the top of the graph, like in the examples below:

energy monitoring analytics kwh
energy monitoring kwh cost

Users can also view the total values for other virtual meters monitored for example: CO2 (tons), air quality (ppm), Heating Degree Days (HDD) /Cooling Degree Days (CDD). See examples below:

carbon emissions kwh
heating degree days wattics
air quailty monitoring wattics

3. Deletion of organisations

Organisations can now be deleted autonomously by partners/users. There are two ways that organisations can be deleted:

Option 1

Open Admin tab  in your Wattics energy management dashboard. Clicks on Organisations tab, where all your organisations will be listed. Click on the “X” button alongside the organisation you would like to delete. See example below:

Option 2

Open Admin tab  in your Wattics dashboard. Clicks on Organisations tab, where all your organisations will be listed. Click  on the organisation you wish to delete, and delete using “X” button  in top left corner.

4. Fully branded Admin section

The Admin section in the Wattics dashboard  can now be completely branded to partner’s colour aesthetic, along with other features including the control panel, button colour and interactive graphs and tools. See below:

branded platform

5. Keep cost/value and time selection when clicking to other tabs

Maintain your cost/value and time period selection when doing analysis with different tools/features in the dashboard. See example below:

virtual meters

6. Set custom alert emails to be sent to individuals other than current users for selected sites

This new feature allows users to send custom alerts to individuals outside a user list associated with a particular site. Users can set additional e-mails (comma separated) for an alerts apart from the users associated to the selected site and monitored point. See example below:

energy monitoring custom alerts

7. Send report for selected sites

Choose if each user will receive a report for every site on their dashboard or for specifically selected sites (provided that he/she has access to the sites selected) See screenshot below:

energy management and reporting

If you would like to know more about these latest updates and/or would like more information about the 16+ energy analytics tools available through the Wattics platform, please contact us using the form below:


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