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Wattics and Wattwatchers partner to deliver advanced level IoT energy management solutions

IoT energy management solution

Wattics energy management software is pleased to officially announce its partnership with Australian digital energy company, Wattwatchers, to deliver IoT-enabled energy management solutions, helping commercial and industrial sector businesses manage their watts’ better, through real-time data and machine-learning analytics.

Utilities, energy suppliers, industrial energy managers, facility energy managers, and building energy managers are increasingly turning to robust technology solutions to help them to:

  • Increase visibility into real-time energy use;
  • Reduce operational energy waste and costs with our energy analytics and monitoring dashboard;
  • Measure and verify energy-saving projects and actions;
  • Comply with carbon emissions reporting and more

Visibility through monitoring and analytics is key to achieving these outcomes and making intelligent data-driven business decisions.

Wattics’ leading international software platform for professional energy management and data-driven Measurement and Verification (M&V) is now integrated for Wattwatchers customers. Wattics’ customers, meanwhile, can begin deploying the Wattwatchers user-friendly energy monitoring devices in a plug-and-play fashion to enable intelligent analysis with highly-granular energy data.

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Through Wattics, Wattwatchers device owners have at their disposal a wealth of insight into how meter and sensor data, weather data, IoT, renewable and business data are correlated in industrial and commercial facilities.


Through our combined hardware and software solution, Wattics’ machine-learning technology enables Wattwatchers customers to quickly identify energy waste; save money; track savings; calculate, monitor and report on carbon emissions; and much more.”

– Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO, Wattics

According to Wattwatchers, its partnership with Wattics delivers the crucial elements of a contemporary technology toolkit for highly-intelligent, enterprise-grade energy management, including automation of complex calculations; machine-learning analytics; identification of energy-intensive appliances and sites; IPMVP-based measurement and verification of savings; operations wastage analysis; and, intelligent organisation of energy efficiency projects and tracking of their progress.

“Combined, Wattics and Wattwatchers offer a powerful tool-set for energy services professionals, underpinned by Wattwatchers’ wireless monitoring technology, which is easily retrofitted to measure project performance.”

– James Clements, Commercial & Industrial Specialist, Wattwatchers

Clements goes on to say, “Many professionals still perform calculations in legacy spreadsheets and they are not the right tool for the large quantities of data produced by monitoring devices (one Wattwatchers device delivers up to 500,000 data points a day). It doesn’t take much for these tools to start buckling under the strain. The cloud-based tools are now excellent, so it’s time for energy professionals to rethink the way they work, and the customer experience they wish to deliver.”

To know how your more about connecting your Wattwatchers device to Wattics’ energy management platform, take a moment to fill in your details below to get in touch with us!


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