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Unlocking Utility Data

Many organizations simply pay the utility bill at the end of each month without understanding when and why their energy was consumed. Thankfully, more and more utility suppliers are empowering their clients to download their energy data as CSV and XML files. Here at Wattics we support a wide range of data formats, and these files can be uploaded manually by our users. We are currently working with a number of energy suppliers who upload this data to our severs automatically, a seamless and cost effective way to start your energy management program.

By unlocking their utility data our clients become information rich where they were previously operating without any oversight. Our interactive graphics and advanced trending analytics will analyze the utility data for you, saving hours that would otherwise be spent crunching numbers in excel. Historical data can be used for benchmarking, and users can also upload environmental data (i.e. weather data, production data, etc.) for generating KPIs.

There are many advanced analytical modules that we offer, but the first step is to unlock your utility data. We believe that every customer should have access to their utility data and we encourage you to talk to your supplier today.

So far only a handful of our clients have been told that the data is not available or that there is a significant cost associated. The vast majority of our clients have successfully taken this important first step, and if you are looking for advice or support in getting started just let us know!

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