Step-by-step-guide: How to connect your Wattics energy management dashboard to Arc green building scoring platform

The Wattics energy analytics dashboard is now integrated with Arc Skoru, a digital platform created by the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), that uses data to help measure and improve sustainability performance across the built environment, from buildings to cities and beyond. Arc is also the online interface for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – the most widely used green building rating system globally as well as other certifications, standards, and benchmarks related to sustainability in the built environment.

What are the benefits of connecting your Wattics dashboard to Arc?

  • Leverage your Wattics real-time monitoring data toward your building’s performance score in Arc for green building certification eg. LEED
  • Scale green building certification for large building portfolios -> portfolio creation & management; benchmarking & scoring
  • Automatically connect the electricity data points in your Wattics dashboard to your Arc account
  • Eliminate manual entry of electricity consumption values in the Arc platform; no more human data entry errors
  • Identify areas of resource inefficiency in your building which could negatively impact your building’s performance score in Arc
  • Check the impact of energy and other resource conservation measures/actions on your buildings’ performance scores, and the progress being made toward qualification for certification
  • Compare the performance of certified vs. non-certified buildings

Get your Wattics dashboard integrated with Arc by following the steps below:

*Note: Prior to connecting your Wattics dashboard to Arc, you will need to have an existing Arc account. Now let’s move on to the steps to follow in order to complete the integration.

Step 1:  Log-in to your Wattics dashboard and navigate to the Admin Tab

Note: Only Wattics admin users will be able to complete this integration. If you are not an admin user, please contact your Wattics account administrator.


Step 2: Navigate to ‘Integrations’ in your Admin tab and locate Arc in the list of Wattics dashboard integrations

The next step is to navigate to ‘Integrations’ and locate the Arc integration in the list of Wattics 3rd-party integrations (see below). Then, click on the ‘edit’ button, depicted by the pencil icon in the image below:


Step 3: Connect to Arc platform

Once you click to ‘Connect to Arc Platform’, you will be redirected to your Arc account login page where you will be requested to provide the email and password associated with your Arc account.


Step 4: Log-into your Arc account

Once you have filled in your email and password to login to your Arc account, you will then need to provide Wattics with read and write access by clicking on ‘Authorize’ as seen below. By clicking on ‘Authorize’, you allow the Wattics platform to create your Wattics meters in your Arc account and link the associated data to the corresponding project in Arc.

*Please note: Before linking an existing meter in your Wattics dashboard with the corresponding project in your Arc account, the projects that you would like to connect your meters to, need to be created in your Arc account before you proceed with the linking process.


Step 5: Link and create meters from your Wattics dashboard to the corresponding project in your Arc account

The next step is to click on “Link existing dashboard meter and create in Arc”.


Step 6: Locate the meter(s) in your Wattics dashboard that you would like to begin sending data to the Arc platform
  1. Find the meter (which monitoring a particular area/ piece of equipment/ process in your building) you would like to connect to the corresponding project in Arc eg. “Leisure Centre”
  2. Click on the drop-down to find the relevant project to connect to in Arc eg. Hilton Hotel, Berlin, Germany
  3. Create the link between Wattics dashboard meter and project to begin streaming the meter data from Wattics to Arc


And that’s it! Once the link is created, your Wattics streaming to Arc. Furthermore, once you click on ‘create’ you’ll be able to see the Wattics meter created under the chosen project in your Arc account. See an example in the screenshot below.

All historical and future data will be sent to the Arc platform for each meter created and linked to a project in your Arc account.

↓↓ See the Wattics-Arc integration in action ↓↓

In the webinar below, Wattics partner and a multi-national sustainability-focused engineering consultancy, BEE Incorporations, expands on how it helped its client, a global luxury fashion retailer, become the very first to achieve Gold under LEEDv4.1 O+M green building certification for its stores with Wattics & Arc.

[Case Study Webinar]: How a global luxury retailer became the first in the world to achieve Gold rating under LEEDv4.1 O+M green building certification


If you are an existing Wattics partner and would like to find out how more about the Wattics-to-Arc integration, please get in touch with us using the form below. Similarly, if you are an existing Arc account user, and would like to find out more about how Wattics energy analytics can help you to improve your building’s resource efficiency and performance score, please fill in your details below:

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