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SolarEdge API

In response to market demand for a cloud-based platform technologies that provide the tools capable of not only monitoring solar power production, but those that allow users to harness the power of advanced analytics and reporting for renewable energy generation, Wattics has integrated with the SolarEdge application programming interface (API) to assist users of its PV technologies to improve visibility into, and better manage solar power generation.

The integration has made it possible to send data from SolarEdge PV inverters to the Wattics’ cloud-based energy analytics platform with the aid of an API key.

solar energy system

This new functionality introduced to the Wattics platform presents new opportunities for solar panel manufacturers, renewable energy suppliers, as well as commercial and industrial companies who own solar power systems to achieve a totally new dimension in solar energy performance through machine-learning analytics to determine a range of new insights.

Using the data streaming from their solar PV systems, users are able to identify trends and abnormalities; create alerts/alarms for events (i.e. kWh of solar power generated above/below threshold); apply mathematical conditions to their data eg. +, -, /, *,^, <,>,=, and, or, if-then-else; measure and verify solar energy projects and so much more.

Key benefits:

✓ Unparalleled visibility to your system’s performance

✓ Receive live system updates through alerts and notifications (offline notifications also available)

✓ Leverage 16+ advanced energy analytics tools for comprehensive site-level analysis and reporting with an option to schedule automatic reports and export reports.

✓ Simple and easy to use:  Once created and saved, solar data points will appear on the breakdown tab as a normal data point in the Wattics dashboard and are hence trackable in near real-time for timeous troubleshooting and decision-making.

✓ Measure and verify solar projects and boost confidence through real-world examples that highlight the benefits of solar eg. CO2 emissions saved

✓ Automatically import all SolarEdge data to the Wattics platform (no CSV files required)

✓ Solar data and meter data are stored in one place – saving time in data collection

✓ Easy access Solar Edge data on the Wattics platform from anywhere on any device

These features enable integrators/EPCs, maintenance staff, and system owners to measure and verify solar projects, improve the site performance, assure the yield of the system and reduce maintenance costs by increasing system uptime and resolving faults more effectively through alerts and notifications.

How do I send my SolarEdge data to Wattics?

Step 1:

Login into your Wattics energy analytics account

Step 2:

Navigate to the ADMIN tab and click on Integrations tab

SolarEdge integration

Step 3: Click on “+New API”

energy management

Step 4: Enter your SolarEdge API key and save!

solar monitoring


*How do I find my SolarEdge API Key? See video below:


If you would like to know more about how to send your SolarEdge data to Wattics, or learn if your solar system is eligible to push data to Wattics, please contact us:

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