Send your data to Wattics effortlessly with email parser BOT

Tired of downloading and processing your energy and business data received by email? Wattics can fix this!

Our new Wattics email BOT processes email attachments e.g. CSV files from your sensors and meters, and then pushes this data to Wattics to make your energy analysis as simple and effortless as possible.

How to activate your bot

STEP 1: Send your request to Wattics for your BOT email address to:

STEP 2: Send Wattics a sample CSV data file sent by your devices to:

STEP 3: Wattics will send your bespoke BOT

STEP 4: Configure your data system to send data emails to your BOT address: Partners that use metering devices capable of sending emails with data attachments, need to set up the email address that Wattics provides, for example:

STEP 5: Register your datapoint ID(s) through the Wattics Admin panel


If you would like to know more about how you can push data automatically from your inbox, drop us a line at

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