Smappee Energy Monitor API: Integrate your Smappee Device With Wattics
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Integrate your Smappee device with Wattics Energy Management Software

Last Updated: April 2022

* Wattics supports the latest generation Smappee Infinity devices, older generation Smappee Pro/Plus as well as Smappee Solar/Energy monitors.

Wattics has recently partnered with Smappee, a multinational clean-tech company to help energy service companies (ESCOs), energy analysts, managers to analyse real-time electricity, solar power, gas and water data. Through the new integration, Smappee device holders will be able to send their meter/sensor data to Wattics energy management platform to perform deeper analysis into energy, water use, waste, opportunities for savings and efficiencies in industrial and commercial buildings and businesses. This quick guide explains how to add Smappee meter/sensor channels (data) to your Wattics dashboard.

Start by navigating to the Smappee Integration page available from Admin > Integrations. Click on the pencil icon next to the Smappee logo in the list of available integrations to begin.

Then, follow these steps below:

1. Add your Smappee API Credentials

Enter your Smappee API credentials in order to allow Wattics to access your Smappee channels. You will need the following information: client, client secret, username and password. Enter this information in the form shown below and then click on Test Credentials

If the credentials are valid, the Save button will be enabled. Click on Save to continue.

2. Add Channels

In order to add new channels to your Wattics + Smappee integration, click on Add new channel mapping.

Wattics will query the Smappee API to obtain the list of channels which are accessible using the credentials provided. Once this list is retrieved, the available Service Locations, Sensor IDs and Channel Numbers will populate the drop-down lists on the left side. Proceed to locate the channel of interest from these drop-down lists. Then select a name, data frequency (granularity) and position in your Wattics dashboard tree menu for the new data point. You can use the drop-down boxes on the right side to do so. Click on Save

The newly created datapoint has now been added to the list of mapped channels. 

Wattics will now automatically populate this datapoint by querying the Smappee API.

In order to add more data points to your Wattics dashboard, simply follow the instructions in Step 2 above as many times as required.

Please note the following before attempting to connect your Smappee device(s) to the Wattics platform:

  1. You need to purchase an API licence from Smappee to connect to the Wattics platform. When this licence is purchased, you receive a client id and client secret from Smappee to access the Smappee API environment. If you have already purchased a licence but haven’t received the credentials, please contact [email protected] to retrieve your credentials. To authenticate your access to Smappee’s API environment, you require your unique client id, secret pin, username and password. You can use your basic user account username and password to which the Smappee location is linked for authentication purposes.
  2. Alternatively, you can obtain a general API authentication user from Smappee. The general API authentication includes all of your current and future installed monitors. The general API authentication is only given if all monitors have an active Smappee API-licence. You need to purchase the API-licence from Smappee for each gateway you want to connect to the Wattics platform.

Wattics supports the latest generation Smappee Infinity devices, older generation Smappee Pro/Plus as well as Smappee Solar/Energy monitors. The table below contains the electrical parameters available on your Wattics dashboard from your Smappee device(s).

Have a Smappee account but new to Wattics? No problem! Fill out the form below to know more about connecting your Smappee devices to Wattics energy management software and analyse your data to start identifying areas of waste in your facilities, as well as opportunities for savings and increased efficiency.

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