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Integrate your Kaiterra Air Quality sensors with Wattics energy management [How to guide]


Do you know what’s in the air you breathe?

For many building owners and managers, maintaining optimum indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort levels to ensure a healthy environment for all who occupy it can seem a daunting task, particularly if the air quality performance of a facility or even an area or space within a building is unknown, goes unchecked and/or is not monitored. 

To solve the issue of impaired visibility and lack of transparency into air quality in buildings/facilities, Wattics Energy Management and Kaiterra have joined forces to help you better understand the quality of the air circulating in your facilities.

Founded and headquartered in Switzerland, Kaiterra, is a leading provider of advanced air quality monitoring solutions whose mission is to end air pollution.

The company’s RESET-certified Sensedge and Sensedge Mini air quality monitors for enterprise commercial and industrial businesses generate a score of good or bad indoor air quality, based on several parameters: PM 2.5, PM 10, TVOC, CO2, Temperature and Humidity. Wattics is compatible with both Sensedge and Sensedge Mini devices.


What exactly is PM 2.5, PM 10, TVOC? What exactly am I monitoring?

  • PM 2.5 – fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller. The average cross-section of a human hair is 70 microns.
  • PM10 – inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 10 micrometers and smaller
  • TVOC – Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids, for example, paints, paint strippers and other solvents; wood preservatives; aerosol sprays; cleansers and disinfectants.

Unifying air quality and energy management data

The partnership between Wattics and Kaiterra enables the bringing together of your buildings’ energy performance and air quality monitoring data under “one roof” rather than having your data housed in two siloed systems. 

Furthermore, you’re able to visualize and analyse your buildings’ air quality monitoring data; and with the same sophisticated analytics, understand how your facilities are consuming energy, and identify any patterns or relationship between the two variables, for example, indoor air quality and its impact on the HVAC operation.

[Newly Launched] With Wattics’ newly released air quality visualization dashboard, “WatticsAir” you can see the dynamic performance of your IAQ score, and check levels of PM 2.5, PM 10, TVOC, CO2 for any individual building or building portfolio at any given time. Additionally, you have the ability to swap out air quality parameters for monitoring other resources like water consumption or numerical data such as building occupancy. With WatticsAir, you can also combine and analyse datasets such as energy and indoor air quality in a single platform. Click the ‘learn more’ button above to know more about the energy and air quality monitoring solution provided by WatticsAir and Kaiterra. Special launch offer now available.

Integrating your Kaiterra Sensedge device(s) with Wattics energy analytics

If you are currently working with a Kaiterra Sensedge device, you can follow the simple steps in the guide below to connect your devices to the Wattics platform and see your indoor air quality data (PM 2.5, PM 10, TVOC, CO2) on the dashboard ready for analysis!

*Please note the information provided below is based on the assumption that you are currently working with Sensedge devices and have an active Wattics subscription. If you don’t currently have a Wattics subscription nor a Kaiterra account and would like to talk to us about getting a turnkey solution for your project, get in touch with us.

Step 1: Login to the Wattics dashboard and navigate to the integrations tool in the Admin tab

Step 2: Locate Kaiterra in the list of Wattics integrations, and click the pencil icon on the right to begin the integration of your device(s) with Wattics (see screenshot above)

Step 3: Next, you’ll be directed to the webpage where you will begin configuring your device’s data entry into the Wattics dashboard. 

Begin by entering your device’s UDID (3), give it a name eg. Dune Hotel Conf Centre/Conf centre (4), select the date to begin importing data (5), and choose the site/organisation to which the data will be associated (6)

*note that the organisation or site to which you allocate the data has to be set up before you attempt to setup your Kaiterra IAQ monitors within them

Choose the parameters you’d like to monitor (7). For each parameter, enter your conversion factor (8) choose your icon (9) icon colour (10) and offset where applicable (11). Default values for Conversion Factor and Offset are ‘1’ and ‘0’ respectively.

Step 3: Click ‘Create’

*Once you have configured and successfully added your first device, the information you’ve saved will remain in the fields so that you don’t have to re-fill the information when adding multiple devices at a time. This makes adding new devices much faster.

That’s it! Once you have added your devices, your data will readily start streaming to your Wattics dashboard for analysis.

You are now one step closer to improved air quality in your buildings and facilities!

If this article is your first introduction to Wattics or Kaiterra, and you would like to know more about air quality monitoring solution for your facilities, please get in touch with us, using the form below:

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    For existing Wattics subscription holders, please get in touch with our Customer Success team, to know more about the Kaiterra integration or WatticsAir tool.

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