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GreenButton XML

Green Button users are organisations and individuals who have access to their utility-usage data (electricity, gas, water) via a Green Button on their utility or retail energy supplier website. This posts documents how to upload GreenButton data to the Wattics Energy Dashboard.


STEP 1: Get your GreenButton data from your retail energy supplier

The list of of utility suppliers supporting GreenButton can be found here.

Unless you already have access to an online account with your utility supplier, you will need to create and log in to your account on their website, and then look for a way to download the usage information. Look for “share my data” or “energy hub” or “usage history” or “save money” – there are many different website areas that could have the information. You will find there a Green Button logo to click or a similar button.

Unless you are given no options, you must define what data you want to export. You usually can choose the Resource Type (electricity, natural gas, water), the Date Range (start-and-end or a number of months), and whether you want to Download or Connect (share) your data. Enter your preferences and select Download. The file uploaded will be in the Extensible Markup Language (.XML) format, this is the file that you will upload to Wattics.

STEP 2: Log in to your Wattics dashboard to import your GreenButton data


Set up a Wattics Dashboard account on Once logged in, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the dashboard to select Import Data.

In the User tab, you can either:

1) Create a new user if you want a person with no dashboard account to be notified of that data import and be given access to the dashboard (e.g. you upload historical data for a new customer installation)

2) Select an existing Wattics user to which that data import will be associated to (e.g. yourself or the person in charge at the site)


You must then fill in the details about where the data should be located in your dashboard. For that you will need to link the data to an existing organisation, site or meter, or create new ones.

The first step is to select whether you want to create a new organization

or upload data to an existing one.


Then, you must decide if the data belongs to a new site within that organization, or to an existing site.



Finally, you must decide if the data belongs to a new data point or an existing one. If you wish to create a new data point (meter), you must give it a name, select the meter type (use Environmental Data for any single-value measurement), and the measurement unit. For existing meters, the data uploaded will be appended to existing measurements and will overwrite existing data if some periods overlap.


Time to upload your GreenButton file to the system. Click on the GreenButton XML button to get started.

You can now upload your GreenButton XML file with the Upload button, and specify the timezone where you building is located.

Click on the Proceed button and review all the information you have entered. Click on the Confirm button to start uploading data, or close the preview page to keep updating. Data upload may take a few minutes depending on how much data you are importing.


That’s it, you can now go back to your dashboard and start analyzing the measurements freshly imported! Contact us for more information on software fees.


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