Connect your Shelly 3EM 3-phase meter to the Wattics energy management dashboard

In this article we will look at setting up your Shelly 3EM meter and integrating it with your Wattics platform to have access to your equipment energy usage at your fingertips.

Your Shelly 3EM meter provides you with a simple way to monitor your energy usage across each of three phases on any given circuit – looking both at produced and consumed energy. The device can transmit data via any WiFi network and can be controlled from your laptop, tablet or phone. It is possible to customise your device to track sunlight hours; abide by daily/weekly schedules; or be sensitive to energy usage thresholds, meaning that the device itself switches off when not required, or it can switch off circuits if they have exceeded their consumption limits*


1- Where do I find Shelly in my Wattics dashboard?
2- How do I log into the Shelly subscription portal?
3- What will I see inside?
4- How do I map my Shelly 3EM onto my Wattics dashboard?

*You should have Admin rights to enable Shelly integration with your Wattics platform. If you require access, please request this from the administrators associated with your Wattics account. In addition, you need to ensure that your Shelly cloud account is set up.

1- Where do I find Shelly in my Wattics dashboard?

Log in to your Wattics dashboard, and navigate to the Integrations tool in the Admin tab.

Fig 1. Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ section in your Wattics dashboard

You’ll see “Shelly” among the list of integrations available on the Wattics platform.

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the Shelly logo, and you’ll then be prompted to log into your Shelly Cloud account (see fig 3).

Fig 2. Locate ‘Shelly’ in the list of integrations

2- How do I log into the Shelly subscription portal?

Use your Shelly Cloud credentials to login:

Fig 3. Log in to your Shelly account

3- What will I see inside?

All the Shelly energy meters associated with your Shelly Cloud account will be listed. You can subscribe or unsubscribe devices from Wattics by ticking or unticking the box next to each one of them and then saving the changes:

Fig 4. Select/deselect the Shelly meters to appear in your Wattics dashboard

Once the changes are saved, the MeterIDs for the Shelly energy meters you have subscribed to Wattics will be displayed:

Fig 5. Meter IDs to register your Shelly devices in the Wattics dashboard

Note: In the ‘Subscribed Devices’ section, you will find a list of all your 3EM devices which are currently subscribed to Wattics

Fig 6. Check the list of meters subscribed to Wattics

4- How do I map my Shelly 3EM onto my Wattics dashboard?

Now it’s time to map your Shelly 3EM energy meter onto your Wattics dashboard. Use the Shelly 3EM template when creating the new electrical data point: 

Enter the Meter ID you obtained from the Shelly Integration page, provide a name for the data point and hit Save.

Fig 6. Select the ‘Shelly 3EM’ template when adding a new Shelly meter in your Wattics dashboard

And that’s it! Sit back and watch the readings** come through.

The short unboxing video below provides further detail on the Shelly device specification and accessories. Please check that you have the correct device and not missing any hardware before attempting an integration with Wattics.

If you require additional assistance to get data from your Shelly meter(s) to the Wattics platform, please do send us your details using the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you:

    *Please note that some functionalities listed above such as remote switch on/off of equipment can be actioned through the Shelly Cloud app. You can also view the Shelly 3EM device specifications here.

    **Available parameters include individual phase energy counters (kWh) and powers (active kW, reactive kVAr and apparent kVA) plus currents (A) and line-to-neutral voltages (V). Which parameters will make it to your Wattics platform will depend on the selected data point type (single vs multi-value).

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