Use your Accuenergy AcuRev 2020 or Acuvim II meter as a gateway for pulse capable meters



Accuenergy ACUREV2020 Multi-Circuit Power Meter

Have you noticed those DIs (digital inputs) on your Acurev 2020? Well, they can be configured to count pulses from any meter that has a pulse output capability on board (such as electricity, gas, water, etc). It’s now possible to send these readings to your Wattics energy analytics dashboard. In other words, you can use your Acurev 2020 (3 or 6-channel) as a gateway for up to 8 pulse capable meters.

What about the Acuvim II?

acuvim power meter

Well, this is also possible with the addition of an AXM-IO1 module which connects to the back of the meter’s AXM-WEB communication module. This module adds 6 digital inputs to the meter which can be used just as described above for the Acurev 2020.

Want to know more about how you can configure your ACUREV2020 or Acuvim II device to send data from your pulse meters to Wattics? Fill in your details below to contact our support team.


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