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Degreedays.net integration for import of heating-cooling degree days

A tutorial to automate heating and cooling degree days into Wattics energy analytics….

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Analytics for Utilities to Boost Energy Efficiency Performance Metrics

Utility companies are often perceived as antiquated and oppressive against their customers, being indifferent to or celebrating customers’ high…

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How to Move your Existing Metering Solutions to the Wattics Cloud-Based Dashboard?

A key element to the success of our platform in delivering actionable energy insights to our customers and partners is the ability to integrate data…

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Wattics helps the European project GEYSER to develop

Wattics has joined an international consortium of ten European organizations recently awarded €2,97M funding through the European Commission’s…

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UCD spin-out develops intuitive software for industrial energy efficiency

In this University College Dublin (UCD) Innovation video Dr Antonio Ruzzelli, CEO and co-founder of Wattics, explains the part UCD played in the…

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