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Wattics actively supports sustainability efforts in commercial and industrial companies through our cost-effective and energy management solutions. By providing personalized programs that promote energy efficient practices we strongly encourage our clients to become more environmentally responsible with their energy consumption. Although our solutions provide a significant financial return, we believe that sustainability advocacy and resource conservation are equally as important benefits from energy management solutions.


Sustainability Supporters

We are greatly appreciative of companies who effectively implement our energy solutions. Their dedication to energy efficiency and various other environmentally mindful practices make it possible for companies like Wattics to accomplish and expand our own conservation advocacy.  A few customers that we are proud to say are apart of the sustainability initiative and have earned impressive and notable awards in the sustainability sector are:

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 10.01.49 AM


Clonarn Clover, Shellfish Del Mar, Errigal Seafood,
Slaney Foods, &  Country Crest are all members of Origin Green:

which is an “independently verified sustainability programme. It enables Ireland’s farmers and producers to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets by reducing environmental impact, serving local communities more effectively and protecting the extraordinarily rich natural resources that our country enjoys”


CIT MAIN 2012earth_sprout

Cork Institute of Technology has been promoting sustainability through their Clean Technology Centre since 1992.

The Wattics solution enabled CIT Cork to measure and verify the impact of changes in energy usage patterns, helping the institute to minimize electrical wastage and improve its teaching on green practices to future chefs.

CIT is currently engaged in an energy efficiency research study to develop a Roadmap for Resource Efficiency in Ireland. This study was commissioned by the STRIVE Research Programme of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The following are their affiliated resource conservation and waste prevention programmes:



                        Jurys-Inn-Logo            GTBS logo
Jury’s Inn:  Recipient of the Gold Standard Award in the Green Tourism Business Scheme

The hotel was successful in reducing the energy consumption for hotel air handling units by more than 25 %. The custom Energy TV Display developed by Wattics also helped the hotel achieve the Gold Standard Award in the Green Tourism Business Scheme with the highest percentage level achieved throughout the entire Jury’s Inn Hotel Group.

The Wattics dashboard identified the total energy consumption and operational times for significant energy consumers within the hotel such as the Bar & Restaurant Supply Fan, Kitchen Extract Fan and Kitchen Extract Fan. These appliances were then targeted by the maintenance manager for energy conservation measures which included fine-tuning of the timer settings to match hotel operation.


Get Involved

Wattics delivers energy analytics and solutions to support successful energy efficiency for your company. However, we believe that sustainability goes beyond just industry, therefore, we actively encourage all our customers to adopt sustainability in other outlets.  To show our support of this notion we have included some green tips that can easily and effectively be incorporated in your office space and home.


  • Plants: 

They not only look great, they help absorb indoor pollutants. Some low-maintenance plants include the Areca palm, English ivy and the Spider plant.

  • Recycle Batteries & other appliances:

Batteries and certain appliances need to be recycled separately.  See how easy it is by referring to 

  • Seek Resources:

Don’t know where to start or have the finances to turn your business Green. Seek out support!  Organizations like Enterprise Ireland offer several resources to help kick-start your Green initiative!  You may be eligible for partially funded energy consultancy at your business site through one of their various programmes and grants: GreenStart, Lean Start, & Business Process Improvement Grants.

  • Flatten Boxes for Recycling:

“Take the largest empty box for recycling and unfold the ends to make flat.  Then fold in the flaps on one bottom, flatten all other boxes and insert into the largest pocket box.  Stuff the box full of the

  • Change Printer Settings:

Switch to Economy mode & Enable Automatic Double Sided printing. A possible green investment would be Eco-Font.  Make your printer’s toner and paper last. If you’re printing rough drafts or documents for internal purposes, change the printer’s settings to economy mode and avoid printing in colour.  Economy mode uses up to 50 per cent less toner and prints twice as many pages as higher quality settings. Also printing on both sides slashes your paper use while saving you money on replacing printer paper.

  • Eliminate Unused Computer Programs: 

You should note that the extra programs running in the background eat up your system resources, which requires more electricity thereby heating your system which releases more heat for the environment to fight with.”  Other flattened boxes, even folding some to fit.  This is a good and easy way to contain the boxes for recycling.”

  • Share Documents Online: 

Google Docs is a handy tool for convenient access to documents from anywhere, eliminating the need to print.

  • Get Everyone Involved:

Create a Green Suggestion Box & place it somewhere with a lot of workplace traffic, in a very visible location. Participation is key to successfully adopting sustainability, share ideas and continuously motivate each other for a green office initiative.

  • Remove yourself from junk mail lists:

The last thing you need is another office supply catalogue or credit card offer. But before tossing out junk mail, call the company and ask that your name be removed from its mailing list. Have contacts e-mail you instead. Almost 50 per cent of all catalogues are never opened, yet nearly 62 million trees are destroyed and 28 billion gallons of water are used to produce them every year.

  • Turn off the lights! (Although this is the most obvious tip):

Remember to hit the switch on your way out for that well-deserved lunch break. The energy savings from 11 million office workers turning off unneeded lights for 30 minutes a day is enough to illuminate four million square metres of office space!

  • Buy 100 % Recycled Paper:

When you’re buying paper for the office, make sure it’s 100 percent recycled and, ideally, non-chlorinated. The chlorine used for bleaching is one of the biggest polluters in the paper-making process.

Post informational signs as a friendly reminder, in your office or even home, as to what is permissible recyclable and not recyclable.  Please feel free to utilize these FREE posters for your convenience.

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