Success Story: Cas de Roij // Director, Klictix - Wattics
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Success Story: Cas de Roij // Director, Klictix

We recently caught up with Owner and Director of Klictix, Cas de Roij, to learn how he benefits from using Wattics, an EnergyCAP Solution, to keep his customers informed about their facilities’ energy consumption. Klictex uses Wattics’ real-time data to make the buildings they serve healthier, more energy efficient, and more profitable—and has fun while doing it.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Cas de Roij, I’m the Director of Kicktix and we do energy consulting for businesses in healthcare, education and industry. My company mainly focuses on helping our customers reduce energy consumption and also look into possible areas that they can benefit from changing.

What was life like before using Wattics?
Before we started using Wattics, we were using a local program that wasn’t really up to the job. It was really lacking in performance in the sense that it didn’t really provide the tools we needed to make an in depth analysis on specifically energy data. So I think about five or six years ago I came across Wattics and that’s when we started using it. We use Wattics to look at the alarms and the reports that the platform itself generated and we use that to inform the customers of what has been going on on their sites and sometimes also in their facilities as well. So we really use it as an in depth tool to see what’s going great and what could be done better.

What have been the benefits of using Wattics?
The most value we have created using Wattics is think mainly reducing energy consumption. So Wattics does a lot of stuff for us that we don’t need to do so we don’t need to spend the hours doing it. And that really helps getting the reports done and getting a concrete example for a customer how they can reduce energy consumption or energy costs.

How have you liked using Wattics?
My experience with Wattics is mostly a fun experience and I know fun is not always the most important thing, but if you have fun in doing your job and communicating with the people and using the platform, you really get much the most out of it. So of course it’s about technical functions and they generally really are on point. But you really have to be inspired. You really have to be engaged in using the platform and I think that’s what has really done great in the last years what a potential customers would want to hear.

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