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Retail Energy Management Software System

The Wattics retail energy management solution helps owners and managers of large retail building portfolios to scale energy efficiency across hundreds and thousands of stores/sites.

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Benefits & Features

When managing multiple large retail building portfolios, having a platform that enables the collection, visualize, and analysis of meter data from hundreds, even thousands of stores, is critical to achieving energy efficiency & cost savings at scale within or across large retail building portfolios.

Learn more about the key features and benefits of the Wattics retail energy management solution to quickly scale energy and cost savings in retail facilities ↓↓↓

Key Features

  • Manage Bulk Meter Data: Automate the collection of energy and building data from hundreds / thousands of retail stores or facilities. Import KPI data in bulk for building portfolio benchmarking eg. kWh/Gross Square Footage.
  • Monitoring and Alerts: Visualise energy consumption values and set up alerts to track abnormal behaviours or usage trends.
  • Asset Performance and Management: Identify energy-intensive appliances / equipment; diagnose specific areas of wasted energy.
  • Benchmark and Compare: Conduct an audit your facilities’ performance (eg. electricity, water, GHG footprint) and compare across stores/retail building portfolios. Create & automate energy performance reports for retail stores.
  • Measure and Verify: Forecast savings potential and ROI of energy conservation measures in retail facilities.


[Video] See the power of Wattics machine-learning and alerts to notify of unexpected events in retail facilities

Key Benefits

  • Scale energy consumption analysis across hundreds, even thousands of retail stores.
  • Respond to changes in real-time in the event of abnormal consumption patterns and unexpected spikes.
  • Big savings potential in costly equipment repairs and maintenance for store appliances.
  • High-level to granular view of retail store operations to prioritise energy saving actions.
  • Deliver proven energy and costs savings to retail business owners/managers on energy conservation measures.
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership in retail by leveraging your monitoring data and analyses to meet the requirements of recognised green building certifications such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).


[Video] See how to identify energy intensive equipment and appliances in retail stores with Wattics 

Retail Energy Saving Solutions

Retail Energy Management Case Study

BEE Incorporations, a multi-national sustainability-focused engineering consultancy, installed the Wattics energy management system for 120+ luxury fashion retail stores across Asia Pacific.

BEE leveraged the Wattics system to collect real-time data from energy meters, analyze energy consumption values and savings, import data into Arc digital platform, and meet LEED green building certification pre-requisites. Through the project BEE helped its customer become the first to receive Gold rating under LEED V4.1 O+M globally. Here is their story ↓↓↓


Case Study Link

“By comparing stores in the same geography

and of similar size, we were able to see which

stores are performing well and those that

are performing poorly.”

– Alessandro Bisagni, Founder & CEO

BEE Incorporations

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