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Hotel Energy Management Software System

Easily access your energy data through the Wattics energy management software to identify the highest energy-consuming areas and appliances in your hotel (or chain of hotels) to implement energy-saving actions that will positively impact your energy bill.

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Benefits & Features

Our innovative hotel energy management system and analytics platform allows for real-time tracking key performance indicators by an organisation (eg. Hilton Dublin), site (eg. Hilton Garden Inn Custom House), area (eg. leisure centre) and even by appliance (eg. HVAC) across distributed enterprise sites making it ideally positioned for hotels to engage in projections of energy savings, IPMVP measurement and verification, tariff analysis, energy performance assessment, reporting and much more.

The Wattics energy management dashboard is extremely easy to use while providing a range of innovative features needed by hotel facility management teams as well as enhances the services provided by energy service companies serving the hospitality sector.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring. Increased visibility into consumption trends of a single hotel or group of hotels, segmented further by location/site, area and even appliance(s)
  • Smart alerts and notifications. Get notified of abnormal events eg. energy spikes; offline meters/equipment; track and monitor energy savings in real-time
  • Energy waste analyser. Quickly identify energy inefficiencies; simulate optimal operations schedule to maximise kWh and cost savings. Normalise data to take into account external variables eg. outside temperature or no. of rooms booked for example
  • Assess hotel energy conservation measures. Analyse the impact & ROI of energy efficiency projects and actions with Wattics IPMVP-measurement and verification (M&V) tool


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Key Benefits

  • Access to the right data at the right time. Reduce maintenance call-out times & fees – identify potential abnormalities, offline appliances from your smart device
  • Manage multiple hotels from single platform. Access energy, gas, water, and other business data for analysis across multiple buildings; compare performance across multiple properties or against pre-defined KPIs
  • Improved capital budgeting. Better track energy spend and costs. Compare energy supplier tariffs for best rate
  • Control the biggest costs to your hotel. Have more control over the areas/equipment or processes that have the largest impact on your energy bill


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Hospitality Energy Saving Solutions

Hotel Energy Management System Case Study

Since 2014, Clayton Hotels Cardiff Lane, based in Dublin, Ireland has saved hundreds of thousands in kWh and thousands of Euro through Wattics energy analytics machine-learning abilities and smart alerts/notifications.

The Clayton required a hotel energy system solution that would help them to diagnose and analyse unaccounted for spikes in energy use, identify waste and inefficiencies and increase energy savings. Here is their story ↓↓↓


Case Study Link

“When I started working with Wattics, it

was more than I expected, the wide range of

system functionalities is unbelievable!”

– Ioan Luntrariu, Facility Manager,

Clayton Hotels Cardiff Lane

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