Wattics Software : a smart way to help you save energy

Wattics Software : a smart way to help you save energy

Reducing energy use is hard work. Wattics energy software turns complex energy data into clear, actionable insights. Savings guaranteed.

Saving energy at home, or in commercial & industrial buildings is a daunting task, but necessary for the future of our planet. Some companies have found commercially viable solutions for the residential market through smart thermostats – e.g. Nest, and customised insights, such as Opower. With regard to industrial settings: building management systems, energy monitoring dashboards, and the use of energy consultancy are generally the way to go.

While automation provides obvious benefits, it usually has a cost and is limited to a subset of appliances e.g. heating equipment. The same applies for energy consultants and monitoring equipment, where an individual or company will need to invest now in order to achieve future savings. As a result not everybody can afford to have their energy saved.

Individuals and organisations can actually reduce their energy use at no cost if they learn to operate equipment efficiently. The question is how to ensure that equipment is properly operated at all times, so that you can immediately rectify relevant issues where necessary? Nowadays, one needs to be an expert with an eye for patterns and outlines in order to decipher energy data. This process requires plenty of time and so can be difficult to get done. The lack of simplified, contextual and real-time information is the major obstacle to operating equipment efficiently and realising the savings.

Wattics takes a unique approach by translating complex energy data into meaningful and accessible information, to assist individuals and organisations in implementing energy savings, operational improvements and making business decisions.

Instead of bills and dashboards with kWh figures (which are meaningless without context), Wattics software diagnoses power use 24/7. This allows Wattics to alert you as soon as a machine or set of appliances begin to experience energy inefficiency. Depending on urgency and preferred settings, individuals and organisations can now receive clear, actionable energy saving insights when they are needed most.

At a time when the electricity grid is being modernised to support new business models such as demand response and dynamic pricing, smart software which makes sense of complex data is becoming a much needed tool for helping individuals and organisations save money.

Wattics launched its Sentinel contextual analytics software at the Web Summit on Nov. 4, and is actively seeking mutually beneficial relationships with ESCOs, Resellers, Utilities, Grid Operators and Technology Companies. Get in touch with us now at wattics.com, we are excited to provide our technology and expertise to help your business.

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