Pay for what you use

Elastic pricing allows you to prevent unnecessary costs. No upfront payments! Pay as you grow!
One of the major benefits is that you don’t need to pay any upfront annual costs for the number of metering points that you want to add in a few months.

No upfront costs

As your company grows and your needs grow, Wattics allows you to pay for only the data points you have registered. We encourage a more collaborative approach and we ensure that our value proposition remains aligned to your needs.

  • If the number of metering points decreases in your account, your subscription fee goes down as well
  • To start with Wattics you don’t need to pay a “commitment fee”, pay for 1 month and start using the platform

Special offer for multi-value electrical readings

Do you need for your analysis not only active power, but reactive power, current, power factor, voltage, L-L voltage, apparent power? You don’t need to pay for every parameter of data channel, pay for 1 multi-value electrical datapoint with a special price.

Ability to freeze your subscription

Need to postpone a project? Stop your subscription from the next billing month and get back when you are ready to resume activities.

Historical data for better analysis

You can store up to 5 years of data without any additional fee. Upload historical data, make your comparison analysis better, have more clear statistics and don’t think about data size you push to Wattics.

  • No fees for 5 years data
  • No fees for data file size
  • No fees for frequency of sending data

Train to use platform according to your work process for FREE

Subscription with Wattics also includes 1 online meeting with the Customer Success team every month!

  • You and your team will be trained on how to use the platform
  • You can have a meeting every month to improve your work process and train new employees


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