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Powerconsumer is dedicated to helping create the energy future. We offer a comprehensive suite of market analysis and customer-facing energy management analytics on a software-as-a-service platform. Our software and team expertise supports expert advisory services, consulting, and project- or partnership- specific retainers.

Since incorporating in 2011, Powerconsumer has been active in the energy market, producing forecasts, analyzing customer facilities and supporting dynamic energy management strategies for customers and local distribution companies.

Powerconsumer’s business operates in three ways. We partner with energy service providers and project developers to originate viable energy system investments, manage risk and reduce costs. We work with commercial, institutional and industrial customers to automate dynamic energy management strategies save energy and reduce electricity bills. We work with utilities to develop grid scale strategies to engage customers in system optimization with distributed energy applications.

Powerconsumer is expanding its toolset to advance our existing solutions to a grid-wide digital platform for data analytics, digital automation, asset management, intelligent DER integration, and distribution asset optimization.

Partners location

8 Ranchdale Cres, Toronto, ON M3A 2M2, Canada


8 Ranchdale Cres, Toronto, ON M3A 2M2, Canada

Phone: 416-447-7774
Website: https://www.powerconsumer.com/
E-mail: info@www.powerconsumer.com

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