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Dissatisfied with your energy management platform? Here’s what sets Wattics apart

Meet Wattics. Our energy management system is packed with innovative energy analytics tools, designed to be easy to use, deliver a great user experience one that creates value. Businesses worldwide use Wattics to deliver an exceptional energy management experience, achieve sustainability certifications and manage energy efficiency projects.

wattics energy management system


1. You need a partner, not a vendor. Period.

Integrate any data

Our hardware expert team guides you through integrating your energy meters, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) system, weather stations, solar panels, business data, sensors and environmental data at a click of a button. If you’re seeking a combined hardware and software solution, let our team help you choose the best suited metering hardware according to your project needs. Wattics is compatible with an ever-growing list of devices (currently 200+) including major meter brands such as Schneider, Carlo Gavazzi, Accuenergy, Iskraemeco, eGauge, Socomec and many others.

A successful journey together

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to continually learning and understanding your evolving needs to develop a bespoke journey and give your energy management experience a boost. You also have an assigned Customer Success Manager who takes care of your account and helps you grow your business.

And you can rely on us to deliver. It is our practice to address your queries within 3 working hours maximum and provide timeous solutions. If it’s your problem, it’s ours! Personal 1-hour monthly training sessions are provided and dedicated to helping you and your team get the most out of the platform.

Lasting relationships are built on trust

And trust is built on transparency. Everything from our plans, to our API docs are open, obvious, and easy to understand. We don’t do hidden costs, lock-ins, and operational curveballs. We’ve built a solution that we want you to enjoy using.


2. User experience at its best.

Innovative, yet simple and easy to use analytics

Our platform has been studied to deliver a great user experience, has integrated the most innovative tools, while keeping them simple and easy to use, to facilitate on-boarding and to guide the customers in their journeys, so that you can focus on closing more deals.

No more static spreadsheets

Our platform is powerful enough to create any metrics, algorithms and formulas you can think of. This means no more models calculated through lengthy Excel spreadsheets.

Energy intelligence with a twist

Let the software do the hard work for you! Our innovative sentinel trends uses unique machine-learning algorithms to analyse the energy trends of your building and/or its equipment. It builds up a memory of your energy use patterns and will learn the good and bad energy consumption patterns of your building and notify you of abnormal behaviours in real-time. If consumption levels exceed or fall below predicted models, you will be notified by email or SMS to take action.

Complex tasks don’t need complex solutions

The Wattics user interface is intuitive, fast and easy to use – even for the most complex use case. Take a look around and you’ll notice that comparing energy costs, forecasting potential savings to creating measurement and verification projects are quick, simple and beautiful.

Your brand first

We believe energy professionals and energy consultancy teams run the show and create value for clients. Not software. For this reason, we have developed the capability to entirely rebrand the platform with your logo, your brand’s look and feel, your login page and custom URL, your notifications sent from your email address, your reports branded and personalised. The rebranded dashboard is included the white-labelled subscription, which you can access, fully branded, within 2 working days.


3. We have tied our growth to yours 

We grow when you do

Wattics energy management platform offers a truly elastic SaaS pricing model that gives full control to our partners. Our technology allows partners to add/remove meters and datapoints as needed and receive itemised bills and always pay the right amount or to have a long-term plan. This is extremely important as new customers are onboarded at any time and finish their projects at different times of the year.

What’s more is that there no upfront payments required, start only with 1 month payment. Grow or decrease your monthly payment based on number of connected data points. And it’s affordable, so you can make money, not lose it.

Innovation culture

What if your energy analytics platform knew what you needed before you needed it?

When it comes to new releases and innovation, we are relentless. We make sure your energy management is future-proof. Our technical team meets our partners regularly, assesses their goals, identifies differentiating aspects and maintains a technology roadmap in line with our customers’ needs. We believe our job is to figure out what our partners are going to want, before they do and deliver it first. In the last 6 months, Wattics has developed and released 2  brand new functionalities, along with 11 updates to existing tools to expand their capabilities, while maintaining the same intuitive interface.

Wattics helps you stay ahead of the curve

From expanding into a new geography to onboarding a bigger team and anticipating customer requests better, Wattics is built for teams that are growing and scaling. It brings the personal touch of small teams and the process efficiency of large ones together. So, you can stay two steps ahead of your growth pains.

If you’re looking for an effective energy management system that delivers, fill in your details below and let’s start the conversation…


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