Newsletter – February 2015

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Wattics is an Irish company that has developed patented technology to revolutionize the way organisations manage energy consumption, identify energy wastage, engage and implement energy saving actions.

A word from our CEO

We have had an action packed start to 2015, with the launch of our new M&V Tool at ESCO-Europe in Milan as well as our new Partnership Program. The launch of both these services have been extremely well received within the market.

In the upcoming months, we have 3 trade shows scheduled in February and March that we will be participating in. We are supporting our Silver Partners, Blackbourne at the IHF Annual Conference 2015 and Future in Pharmaceuticals shows, and we both hope to see you there.

We welcome our newest silver partner CertiNergy, The CertiNergy group was founded in 2008 to facilitate energy company compliance under the French energy efficiency obligation. They are active in France, the UK and Italy, the CertiNergy Group has emerged as the lead independent European actor offering energy efficiency obligation compliance services.

I hope you enjoy the February edition of the Wattics Newsletter.

Triple E Certified

We are proud to announce that Wattics solution has been Triple E certified meaning we are in the top 10 – 15% most energy efficient products in any technology on the market.

The benefits of Triple E are:
Saves you money by investing in energy efficient equipment results in decreased ongoing energy costs for the lifetime of that equipment, usually providing far greater lifetime savings than the additional capital cost usually associated with such equipment
Complete confidence in equipment purchased, purchasers of energy efficient equipment listed on Triple E have the additional confidence that the equipment has met a minimum set of standards to be listed. Such equipment has also met the energy efficiency criteria specified, which will usually mean that it is in the top 20% most energy efficient equipment in its class
Products are the best it their class, the criteria for products to be accepted onto the Triple E products register are designed so that only (roughly) the top 10 – 15% most energy efficient equipment in a technology will be accepted.
Decrease carbon footprint, by utilising energy efficient equipment results in decreased overall energy usage, decreasing the users carbon footprint. This, combined with other measures to reduce overall carbon footprint, can provide a significant marketing advantage for businesses.
Easy to find energy efficient equipment, the Triple E product list includes information on suppliers, enabling users of the search facility to identify their closest supplier for the equipment identified.
Tax Incentive, The SEAI Accelerated Capital Allowance ACA is a tax incentive for companies paying corporation tax and aims to encourage investment in energy efficient equipment. The ACA offers an attractive incentive whereby it allows companies to write off 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against their profit in the year of purchase. Eligible equipment can be chosen from the Triple E register (See Triple E).

ESCO Europe

In Milan last month, we were proud sponsors of ESCO-Europe, which was held on 20 – 21 January 2015. We had an exhibition stand demonstrating our newly launched M&V Tool. Our team received tremendous feedback on the M&V platform, where visitors said that our M&V Tool is both user-friendly and a “must-have”.

Antonio Ruzzelli, Wattics CEO, was also a speaker at the event where he discussed Cloud-based Energy Analytics: An Opportunity for ESCOs, with a focus on:
• Challenges with traditional and modern energy management
• Energy analytics in the ESCO market today
• Innovation and opportunities for ESCOs and their clients​

VIMSEN meeting

Wattics ​attended the 4th VIMSEN EU ​project ​meeting in Athens​ ​​to design with other leading technology partners future demand response programs​ for the energy grid.​​ Get in touch with us if you are interested in R&D collaboration!

What’s new on Wattics.com?

We now offer 3 Training Courses to our clients and partners free of charge. These informative course are offered online, using Webex, which allows the training to take place in the comfort of your own office. Each course is approximately one hour long.

Upcoming dates are available on our training page or alternatively upon your request. Our new courses include, Dashboard Training, Wattics Sales and Wattics Partnership Program.

eMail us for for more information or book your training session by clicking the Book Now button (Link) on our website.

Where to see Wattics next?

Look out for us at these tradeshows:

IHF Annual Conference – Showtel 2015 Hotel Event – Co-Hosting with Blackbourne – 23 & 24 February 2015
Future in Pharmaceuticals– Co-Hosting with Blackbourne – 25 February 2015
The Energy Show – 25 & 26 March 2015

Meet the Team

Giorgia Farella (Energy Analyst & Account Manager)

BSc, Energy Engineering – University of Padua, Italy

Giorgia focused her education on energy efficiency improvement, with particular attention to the relationship between energy efficiency and economic evaluation within the electricity market. She also studied renewable resources, lightning engineering and buildings’ envelops and ventilation systems.

She currently works as an energy analyst, developing smart solutions to improve performance, simplify interactions, and automating management for better consumption. She is responsible for the contacts with the Italian customers during the various phases of each project.

Giorgia is also studying to hold a MSc in Energy Engineering

Partner of the Month

Blackbourne integrated M&E is a full service company with a vast knowledge base, built up through over 50 years experience in the industry. They deliver excellence across a range of integrated services including contracting, maintenance and environmental solutions.

Solutions: Mechanical and Electrical Contracting, Contract Maintenance, Energy Services

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