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Newsletter – December 2014

Welcome to Wattics Newsletter

Wattics is an Irish company that has developed patented technology to revolutionize the way organisations manage energy consumption, identify energy wastage, engage and implement energy saving actions.

A word from our CEO
 The end of the year is upon us and ​it has been a​n exciting​ ​and very successful year for Wattics. We are certainly living up to our slogan, “Innovating Energy Management” and this year has been bursting with new services that are transforming meter data into proactive energy savings actions to save money.

We remain tremendously focused and passionate about empowering our partner energy professionals with one of the best dashboard in the market today. Certainly our new self-learning Sentinel analytics engine together with the automated M&V tool to create standard certificates have made a difference in the energy management and an exceptional service for our clients.

Our recently formed strategic partnerships with ​Hanley Energy, Certinergy, DNEresources, E4F, Blackbourne, Digren, VEM Sistemi etc. are undoubtedly going to create a great start of 2015 and our guys are dedicated to deliver the best tailored platform for them.

We are excited about where Wattics is heading to and are always actively looking for new local and international partnerships. Should you be interested, please email me directly at [email protected] and we will be in touch with you right away.

Wattics would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 Wattics are happy to inform you that we are now providing a new service which can help turn your energy savings into additional monetary benefits. When you cut your energy consumption, Wattics can now sell your energy savings. For example: Our client, a large hotelier, decides to replace the current lighting in their car park with more efficient LED light fittings. It is estimated that this will save approximately 200,000kWh per year. We then approach the energy suppliers on your behalf to seek the best price for these credits.

For the purpose of this example, an energy supplier offers 1.5​​cent​​​​​​​​​ ​per kWh saved.
When we consider that 200,000kWh saving​s​ is equal to 500,000kWh of Primary Energy saved, the customer will receive:
500,000 x 0.015 = €7,​​​50​0
The client now receives a €7,500 rebate from their project.
‘Under Irish law, energy suppliers are obliged to adhere to the ‘Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme’ (EEOS). This means that these suppliers are obliged to purchase a certain amount of ‘energy saving credits’ which have been produced by energy saving projects throughout the year.

In order to quantify these savings, the ‘Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’ (SEAI) require the compilation of a measurement & verification report for each project. This report must adhere to the standards set out in the ‘International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol’ (IPMVP) and be produced by an independent body i.e. Wattics.

Wattics now have the required tools to compile this report. We are already in the process of compiling these reports for some of our clients, and would be delighted to work with you on any future energy saving projects you are considering undertaking.

If you would like to discuss this further then feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to discuss at your convenience.

Meet the Team
 Conor O’Callaghan (Chief Energy Analyst)

BSc, Electrical Services & Energy Management – Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
BEng, Sustainable Design in Electrical Services Engineering – Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Conor has previously worked as a support engineer in the facilities management industry, acting as client support in technical areas such as mechanical, electrical, HVAC & building services. He has experience with clients across various sectors such as IT, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceutical where he worked on many energy saving projects.

His background in client support, along with his first hand experience of energy management, allow him to provide energy saving solutions to our clients, at Wattics.

Conor and IPVMP
 Conor O’Callaghan our Chief Energy Analyst, has just returned from Dubai where he completed the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) course with International Institute for Energy Training (IIET) and he will be instrumental to inform our engineers how to develop new exciting functionalities for our platform.

We are so very proud of him. Well done Conor!

USA and China sign energy treaty
 USA and China have joined forces to combat climate change, this deal is a major milestone in the USA and China relationship.

According to a statement from the White House press office, the U.S. will reduce emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, with “best efforts” to hit the higher end of that range. China will have its CO2 emissions peak around 2030 “with an intention to peak early,” and set a goal of getting 20 percent of its primary energy from renewables and nuclear by 2020.

Client of the Month
Slaney Foods Wattics installed an energy management solution to monitor electricity consumption in three key areas in the Slaney Foods facility including Effluent Treatment, Live Stock Processing and Refrigeration.

3G communications were deployed to send the monitored energy data from multiple meters to the online Wattics Dashboard.“The Wattics dashboard allowed us to identify significant energy consumers within the plant. The Energy Saving reports gave very good insights into energy use at the facility and proposed effective energy saving actions” – Dympna Skelton, Slaney Foods Environmental Manager.

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