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Newsletter April 2014


Welcome to Wattics Newsletter

Wattics is an Irish company that has developed patented technology to revolutionize the way organisations manage energy consumption, identify energy wastage, engage and implement energy-saving actions.

Wattics has a new website
 We recently launched our new website: – Check our solutions, technology innovation and key benefits for you!
Want to partner with us?
 Well now is the time! In the coming weeks, we will be conducting workshops in your area, providing energy consultants and electrical contractors with the training to install the Wattics system. If this would be of interest to you, please call us on +353 (0)15 327 875 or email us at [email protected].
Wattics takes centre stage at the Irish Hotel Federation
 Read the slides of Wattics CEO’s talk on how to improve engagement towards saving energy in the Hospitality sector. Wattics is an associate member of the Irish Hotels Federation since 2013.
Wattics helps Sean Caulfield win the Green Retailer Award
 One of our recent success stories at CENTRA Campile has recently been published on the AIB Business Blog. Our customer, Sean Caulfield, went on to win the Green Retailer Award.
7 Tips To Successfully Select an Energy Management Solution
 With a whole host of different of energy management solutions on the market, how can you choose the correct one that meets your own business needs? Check our 7 Tips To Successfully Select an Energy Management Solution.
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