Measurement & Verification

The European Commission recommends that ESCo’s performance-based projects are subject to M&V procedures, and in particular IPMVP would be a good first step and instrument to be used.

The Wattics M&V tool powered our Sentinel analytics is designed for energy professionals in charge of validating savings, and delivering White Certificates and energy/carbon credits using IPMVP.

Our cloud-based M&V tool streamlines project management and offers an advance and effective alternative to conventional solutions based on spreadsheets.

MV benefits
Wattics software can re-route energy data from off-the-shelf metering hardware, data loggers, Excel/CSV files and databases, allowing you to easily set baseline/reporting periods and routine/non-routine adjustments.

MV survey

STEP 1: Define your Energy Conservation Project

Project Definition

STEP 2: Specify the Energy Conservation Measures Implemented


STEP 3: Set your Baseline Period


STEP 4: Set your Reporting Period

Reporting Period

STEP 5: Include Routine Adjustments

Routine Adjustments

STEP 6: Include Non-Routine Adjustments

Routine Adjustments

STEP 7: Select the Generated Energy Models


STEP 8: Visualise the kWh and € Savings Achieved


STEP 9: Write up your Executive Summary


You’re done: Export your M&V Report


Wattics CMVP-certified team is working with energy service companies internationally, so work with us if you want to streamline your energy saving projects and beat the competition!

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