Make it yours

We give you the ability to completely brand your platform environment in a way that your clients will never know or even think about Wattics. All they will know is how impressed they are with how professional you look, and how secure they feel when they login to your portal.

Branded Login Page

Fully rebrand your homepage to match your company styling, and ensure your clients and internal users have exactly the experience you intend.

Colour Options

Everything from the menu colors, graphs, to buttons and the logo of your Wattics platform is completely customizable using the intuitive and easy-to-use menu.

Custom URL

Bring clients into your portal via a custom URL, and ditch the default URL. Paired with your branded login page, your clients and internal users will have no idea that you have built your powerful portal system on Wattics.

Branded reports and email notifications

Customisation extends to reports and automated email notifications as well, with colors and logos all being customizable. You can make all of the automated emails sent out to match your company’s branding and to use your company’s email.


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