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Automate 100% of your Measurement & Verification energy analysis

Top rated cloud-based IPMVP project management tool to help you streamline your Measurement & Verification projects.
No more spreadsheets. No more headaches.

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Savings of ECM Savings of ECM Savings of ECM

M&V project management simplified

Wattics offers a step-by-step, structured approach to manage your project data and analyses

  • Unify, organise and manage your project data seamlessly

  • Cut 90% of time spent on complex regression analysis in Excel. The system generates a savings model based on your inputs

  • Accurately forecast savings and project payback period

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Scale M&V analysis & reporting for multiple buildings

Track progress of multiple projects simultaneously. Wow your clients with customised energy savings reports

  • Create branded energy savings reports for your clients and teams

  • Intelligently monitor savings performance on a continuous basis

  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously

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Trusted by 1000s of energy professionals globally

Case Study

Direct Control, a BMS and control specialist, chose Wattics M&V to help the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) evaluate several energy conservation measures targeted at one of it campus building’s BMS & HVAC system that far exceeded its energy savings target of 10% per annum



Reduction in energy after year 1


Savings per annum


Direct Control


Academia / University


New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

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    Measurement & Verification - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is M&V tool the only functionality of Wattics?

    No, M&V is just one of the tools on the platform

    Wattics platform covers the whole cycle from monitoring, auditing to implementing and verifying, book a demo meeting to see the wide range of functionalities

    Does M&V support multi-variable linear regression?

    Yes, it can be as many routine adjustments/independent variables as you need.

    You can use Heating/Cooling degree days, production, number of working days, occupancy, temperature and any other numeric value and combine them for your model

    Can I use it for ISO50001?

    Yes, 100%, you can apply for ISO50001 and get certification with the reports from Wattics

    Wattics has a range of tools that help to be compliant with ISO50001: live monitoring, operation analyser, action tracker and M&V.

    Is your tool follows any standards?

    M&V is compliant with IPMVP (international performance measurement and verification protocol)

    Wattics M&V tool was developed by CMVP in the team, it has option B (retrofit isolation) and option C (whole facility) of the protocol available