Top Five ' Internet Of Things ' Conferences in 2017

Top Five ‘ Internet Of Things ‘ Conferences in 2017

The IoT market is steadily advancing and thousands of companies are hoping that 2017 is the year of implementation. Nowadays there seem to be almost as many conferences on the ‘ Internet of Things ’ as there are ‘things.’ As a company, Wattics energy software is working with IoT devices and web platforms every day, so we try to keep an eye on the latest thinking in the industry. Although we won’t be attending all five of the top global IoT conferences listed below, each one has a particular focus:


IoT Tech Expo North America (California – November 2017)

Set in Silicon Valley, the second annual IoT Tech Expo will bring together business leaders from Fortune 500 companies, industry experts, and IoT developers for two days of collaboration. Smart cities are listed among the 7 conferences, there will be a meet up for developers, and an impressive line up of speakers.


IoT World Congress (Barcelona – October 2017)

In 2016, Wattics attended the European Utility Week in Barcelona and it’s always a great city to visit! The largest industrial IoT event in Europe, there will be over 10,000 visitors, 250 speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities. In the Exhibit, live Testbed areas will showcase the latest technologies which included a Microgrid application testbed in 2016.


Internet of Things Conference (Austria – October 2017)

Taking place over three days, this conference is organized by the Johannes Kepler University and includes six intensive workshops led by top academics and industry experts. This will be the seventh conference and this year’s topics include big data and machine learning. The learning sessions will be the focus of this conference, with only a small Exhibit hall.


Global IoT Summit (Geneva – June 2017)

The first annual summit organized with IEEE Communications Society will address the key technical considerations of security and reliability, areas that can often be overlooked. Topics will include IPv6 IoT deployment and 5G-based IoT.


Internet of Things World Forum (California – May 2018)

The largest IoT expo in the US, this event includes breakfast briefings with top industry analysts, 10 conference tracks, a developer stage, workshops, and more. Autonomous vehicles, open source development, and blockchain technology are top of the agenda this year.


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