How to work with Wattics in partnership, and how Wattics works for you !
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How to work with Wattics, and how Wattics works for you!

There is more and more emphasis on energy conservation, and the importance of reducing your energy consumption to save the environment. EU Member States, must ensure the implementation of intelligent metering systems. The Electricity Directive foresees full deployment by 2022 at the latest, with 80% of consumers equipped with Smart Metering systems by 2020. The goal of the EU’s 20-20-20 Directive is 20% increase in energy efficiency, 20% reduction of CO2 emissions, and 20% renewables by 2020.

We agree that there are many different solutions in the market to help organisations reduce energy use, however Wattics brings expertise, user-friendly and a unique self-learning software to assist in the monitoring of your energy and the saving of your money. Our secret is that both our software and service are proactive, so energy wastage and inefficiencies do not go unnoticed anymore, and more savings are achieved.

It is possible to engage with us on a partnership basis as well as an end-user client. >


Want to partner with us?
Our Partnership Program is designed for ESCO’s and Energy Consultants of any size, the program offering a strong set of resources and tools, enabling partners to develop expertise, effectively collaborate on customer engagements, and grow energy practices. Our dedicated team will work with you through:

  • Email/Phone
  • Shared portals
  • Roadmap briefings
  • Training

5 Easy Steps to forming a partnership with Wattics:

  • Review our solutions on (energy management, M&V, demand response)
  • Contact us through [email protected]. or “Request a Demo” where we can discuss your requirements and we can give you an in depth description of our solutions to best suit your needs (hardware/software/services)
  • Be introduced to our key technical partners for competitive pricing
  • Progress with a starter kit or first order
  • Sign an agreement with us to discuss forecast and partnership interest for local territory, customer base, impact on roadmap and so on


Want us to help you achieve savings in your organisation?
Wattics end-to-end cloud-based energy management provides commercial and industrial organisations with a turn-key solution from metering equipment to dashboard, alerts and reporting. No need for you to find and combine various suppliers, we partner with industry-leading device manufacturers and ESCos so that you centralise all your energy conservation projects in one place.

6 Easy Steps for new Wattics clients

  • Contact Wattics to organise a call with one of our energy partners analyst to discuss your requirements
  • Receive a project proposal for an end-to-end solution (metering equipment, cloud energy management dashboard and/or energy consultancy)
  • Refine proposal and receive quotation with competitive prices from our partners
  • Issue PO and select installation date
  • Receive your Dashboard credentials
  • Start implementation of savings with us


Being a being an SME allows for easy and fast communication between yourself and Wattics. Should you be interested in a partnership or our solutions, please email [email protected].

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