[Free Webinar] How a global luxury retailer became the first in the world to achieve Gold rating under LEEDv4.1 O+M green building certification - Wattics
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[Free Webinar] How a global luxury retailer became the first in the world to achieve Gold rating under LEEDv4.1 O+M green building certification

Why is this webinar relevant to you?

With increasing concerns about the impact of buildings and their operations on both the environment and the well-being of indoor occupants, it is critical for building and business owners to be transparent about how their buildings perform against recognized standards.

This is where third-party certification plays a key role. Third-party certification demonstrates:

  • Compliance with national or international standards;
  • Displays leadership;
  • Increases credibility and acceptance with customers;
  • Improves brand reputation, overall competitiveness and most importantly;
  • Holds businesses accountable for what they claim to be true

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building rating system, is arguably the most widely used green building rating system in the world and provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. There are many, living, working, learning, and spending recreational time in LEED-certified buildings around the world today.


In the upcoming webinar, Wattics partner, BEE Incorporations, a multi-national sustainability-focused engineering consultancy, will expand on how it helped its client, a global luxury fashion retailer, become the very first to achieve Gold under LEEDv4.1 O+M green building certification for its stores.

Using the case study as an example, BEE will also elaborate on the role of energy monitoring & analytics (provided by Wattics) and the USGBC’s digital platform to track building performance data for LEED certification (Arc Skoru) — namely how these complementary technologies work together to:

  • Help owners and managers of large building portfolios to scale the certification process for multiple buildings
  • Engage in facility benchmarking (eg. energy, water, air quality, greenhouse gas footprinting)
  • Analyse and compare LEED performance across building portfolios and/or individual buildings within a portfolio
  • Engage in green building certification portfolio management
  • Compare the performance of certified buildings to non-certified buildings
  • Determine certification “readiness” for buildings by leveraging real-time monitoring data and Arc scoring platform

Energy service companies, engineering consultancies, and accredited professionals like BEE Incorporations help building/business owners all over the world to introduce resource-efficient technologies and practices as well as provide the necessary consultancy toward achieving green building certification and adhere to other recognised standards that advance health and well-being in buildings globally.

If you are a building/business owner, manager, or service engineer that would like to know more about green building rating systems eg. LEED to guide your building/facility’s energy efficiency strategy or know more about how an accredited professional can help you get started on your building sustainability and certification journey, then register for this webinar below. Similarly, if you are an energy service company or consultancy that providing energy management and certification services to your clients, this webinar will demonstrate how to automate data flows & streamline data collection for building performance scoring (with Arc) as well as highlights the criticality of data monitoring, and analytics toward achieving your clients’ energy-saving goals and meeting the requirements for certification.

Agenda Agenda Summary

✅ Case study presentation on the first project to receive Gold rating under LEEDv4.1 O+M green building certification; and the first retail project to be certified using Arc digital platform;

✅ Scalability of performance-based certifications;

✅ How energy monitoring data enables real-time analysis for energy savings;

✅ Wattics-Arc platform integration for LEED certification -> portfolio creation & management; benchmarking & scoring

✅ Question and answer session

Who will benefit from the webinar

  • Building owners, managers, operators, service engineers
  • Facility managers
  • LEED/green building consultants
  • Engineering and sustainability consultants
  • Energy service companies managing multiple building portfolios or sites
  • Energy auditors and analysts

Who are the speakers?

Alessandro Bisagni Wattics Energy Learning Community Workshop 2020
Alessandro Bisagni, Founder and President, BEE Incorporations

Alessandro is the Founder & President of BEE Incorporations. BEE Incorporations is a GBCI recognized LEED Proven provider and part of USGBC’s LEED User Group for Retail. Alessandro is a LEED, WELL, and RESET AP, a BEAM Pro, and an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. He has diverse project experience ranging from greenfield start-ups, factory construction, outsourcing, market research, data analysis, and environmental sustainability.
Alessandro’s LinkedIn

Francesca Galati, Principal & Managing Director, BEE Incorporations

Francesca coordinates the EMEA & America offices and regions at BEE Incorporations. She is one of the leading sustainable experts in the field, with solid experiences on global projects of different types and scales. Ms. Galati works directly with the USGBC, she is part of the PWG for Greenbuild International Conference and for Greenbuild Europe. Francesca has been in charge of supporting the first European city certified (GOLD) – Savona, Italy. She is also a Professor at the University of Genova and a qualified Chartered Engineer and Architect.
Francesca’s LinkedIn


Date: Thursday, 04 June 2020

Time: 9.30am (GMT+1) | 10.30am (CEST)

How? How to access the webinar recording?

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Founded in 2009, BEE Incorporations is a leading sustainability consulting company that specializes in delivering sustainability solutions at all aspects of building construction and operations. Combining experience and specialized skills across various scales and sectors, it company helps clients improve the performance of their building portfolio. Read More

The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with offices across Asia and Europe. BEE’s global portfolio ranges from retail interior spaces to hotels and mixed-use developments, across all sectors and scales. BEE Incorporations provides green building certification and corporate wellness consulting, monitoring & testing, and green materials solutions for projects around the world.

If you would like to get in touch with a representative at BEE Incorporations to know more about how they can help you with your projects, please get in touch with us: [email protected]

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