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Category: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a datapoint?

A datapoint is a monitored electrical circuit or channel of data with any unit, any numeric value. If for example, you have a device monitoring…

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If I have multiple projects/clients, do I need a Wattics subscription for each one?

No, you pay only 1 basic fee for your account and can have an unlimited number of users and sites. The only additional charge is the charge per…

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I have a 3-phase monitored circuit, how do I calculate the price?

A 3-phase monitored circuit is considered as 1 datapoint….

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If I monitor apparent power, power factor, reactive power, voltage, L-L voltage or current for my datapoint(s), do I pay for each parameter?

No, we have the concept of multi-value electrical points, which accepts active power, apparent power, power factor, reactive power, voltage, L-L…

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If I have the Maestro plan and 3 clients with 5 datapoints each, what would the price be?

€290 the basic fee You have 15 data points in total. The first 10 datapoints are free, meaning that you will need to pay only for 5 datapoints….

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I have 100/1,000/10,000+ data points, how do I calculate price?

We will be happy to offer you a volume discount and bespoke deal for your project. Please contact us using the form below the FAQ section, to speak to…

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What is the minimum term for a contract with Wattics?

We work on a monthly renewal basis. This means will that you will be charged on a monthly basis and can stop your subscription at any time. No need…

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What is the difference between the Player and Composer plans?

The Player plan gives you access to the platform with limited functionality covering the basic need for monitoring and visualisation of data for…

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What is the difference between the Player and Maestro plans?

The Maestro plan gives you a fully white-labelled platform which we will brand with your company’s details, logo and colours as well as a custom…

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are done via credit card using a secure online payment processing system, Stripe. Please contact us, using the form below, should you require…

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