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Wattics has extensive experience with EU projects and Academia as a partner and as a supplier of energy management solutions to support the project needs.

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Wattics is currently active in three H2020 projects:

ExcEED – European Energy Efficient building district Database

As a member of an international consortium of five European organizations, Wattics is developing a knowledge base and energy analytics to establish a robust and durable return of knowledge mechanism collecting actual buildings energy performance data and providing insights to designers, energy managers and policy makers. The platform aims to incorporate thousands of data points from EU buildings for thorough benchmarking of energy performance.

ChArGED – Cleanweb Gamified Energy Disaggregation

As a member of an international consortium of eight European organizations, Wattics is developing energy analytics to monitor and validate user control actions within their environment, and to calculate energy savings for gamification rule mechanism. The platform aims to enable up to 15% savings in public buildings.

FORTIKA – Cyber Security Accelerator for trusted SMEs IT Ecosystem

As a member of an international consortium of sixteen European organizations, Wattics is providing with its cloud energy management platform a pilot environment for an innovative hybrid security framework (hardware – software), which goal is to will reinforce trust and facilitate further adoption of digital technologies.


Wattics was previously involved in two FP7 projects:

VIMSEN – Virtual Microgrids for Smart Energy Networks

As a member of an international consortium of eight European organizations, Wattics is helping to implement a new platform, through which associations of small producers of “green” energy will be given the opportunity to establish the smart energy networks of the future, thus contributing to the promotion of renewable energy sources and environmental conservation.

GEYSER – Green Networked Data Centers as Energy Prosumers in Smart City Environments

As a member of an international consortium of ten European organizations, Wattics helps realise the intelligent integration of energy-efficient networked urban data centers – substantially powered by renewable energy – with energy infrastructures (i.e. smart power grids and district heating) within the Smart City context.

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