Engage your customers

Energy consultants and energy suppliers are often perceived as antiquated by end customers, lacking in transparency with regard to high electricity bills. Wattics allows you to do things differently, and to grow long-lasting relationships with stronger customer engagement.

Give platform access to all your clients

Wattics allows you to create unlimited number of users without any additional charges! Tailor access for your clients and employees to the dashboard, exclude some of the tools if you want.

  • Make your customers sticky to your services
  • Engage as many employees of your customer as you want

Real-time two-way communication via our Intercom Customer Messaging Platform

We allow you to interact with your customers within the dashboard. Regular, meaningful communication helps your business understand the changing needs and expectations of your customers and promotes brand loyalty and retention.

  • Send targeted messages to end-users
  • Manage conversations in one place
  • Monitor real-time metrics on user engagement

Complete transparency concerning energy use

Our platform includes Analytics and Measurement & Verification tools to discover, measure and validate savings achieved by the energy conservation measures implemented.

  • Keep your customers engaged in their energy use
  • Prevent conflicts regarding payment
  • Comply to industry-leading performance-based certifications

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