The truth about engaging with energy management

Energy Management is a systematic process for continually improving energy performance. It is suitable for all organisations, whatever the size or sector, but is particularly beneficial if you operate energy-intensive processes. Experts state that appropriate energy management requires you to:

  • Develop and implement an energy policy
  • Identify your main energy users
  • Set energy objectives and measurable targets
  • Implement and operate programmes to meet these objectives and targets
  • Check and take corrective actions as required
  • Engage with an energy management dashboard to ensure that you remain alert for new opportunities and identify all appliances and areas where energy savings can be achieved.

Companies that have implemented all the above points show tangible benefits in their bills and bottom-line. However, there are issues preventing implementation of appropriate energy management.

Customers say that they have little or no time to check energy data, configure threshold alerts and interpret spikes from energy dashboards, which are often too complicated to use and for employees to understand. The result is that the average customer disengages with energy management after a few weeks or a month.

Clients highlighted three major points:

  • Maintenance managers work on daily emergencies and have no time identify the reason of unusual spikes.
  • Staff is often unable to understand the energy spike and translate energy information into practical saving actions.
  • Inability of energy dashboards to pinpoint clear and concise messages to allow employees to take quick actions.

The truth is that in spite of many measures in place to reduce energy use, very few changes are implemented, or the full benefits realised, without get the staff engaged with actions. Without engagement and savings, energy management solutions provide very little or no value for the customers.

How can this be solved?

At Wattics we have spent a significant effort to research & develop a solution that can overcome these problems and get the staff enthusiast about saving actions. We are very excited to introduce Sentinel analytics, which has proven to dramatically increase the awareness of staff providing full visibility of issues and deliver automatic recommendations down to different departments and major equipment operations. We believe that with Sentinel, no inefficiency goes unnoticed.

How does it work?

As soon as data gets collected, Sentinel analytics automatically learn energy behaviours and classify appliances to understand their bad and good usage over time. In addition it avails of a database of knowledge to notify managers of inefficiencies as they happen via email and mobile even providing practical tips on how to reduce cost according to the deviation detected. A Wattics Messenger user-friendly dashboard facilitates further user engagement by presenting a real-time log of inefficiencies with levels of importance and tracking of saving actions with links to share with colleagues or to investigate further.

Sentinel has enabled major benefits for our customers:

  1. Cost effectiveness: proved to assist the delivery of major saving recommendations often yielding return on investment even in less than one year with staff implementing practical actions recommended.
  2. Flexibility: compatible with major brands of electricity, flow and pulse meters to convert meter data into energy saving notifications.
  3. Scalability: developed to be globally scalable to millions of meters, securely and seamlessly.
  4. User-friendliness: increase engagement from non-technical employees through delivering actions to staff mobiles and emails. A platform referred as one of the most user-friendly and yet powerful energy management tool in the market today.
  5. Energy Expert Support: For customers that want a completely hands-off solution, a certified expert team of energy analysts develops bespoke wastage identification reports, training and strategies to ensure the benefits are fully obtained and reported.

For more information about getting Wattics Sentinel analytics for your company go to or contact

Antonio Ruzzelli
Wattics CEO

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