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Monitor and analyse commercial building facilities for energy, cost and carbon savings

From retail stores, malls, hotels, fast-food chains & restaurants, to high-rise offices, co-working spaces and mixed-use buildings – we work with hundreds of partners around the world who deliver enterprise energy management services for commercial businesses & real estate.

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    Integrate energy, water, air quality, operational and environmental data to analyse their impact






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    We understand your needs

    Without the tools that enable the effective collection, management and analysis your project data, it can seem like an uphill battle to get to the point of identifying saving opportunities. Any of the following sound familiar?

    No single platform from which to visualise, manage and analyse building data

    Too much time spent in data collection and handling

    Your current software or analysis methods aren't designed to help you scale

    You're seeking greater automation & customization than you currently have

    Lack of support with existing platform or software

    Key benefits for ESCOs, Consultants & Analysts

    No more siloed data sources. Centralise, organise and manage your data & projects in one place

    Compatibility with numerous data integration mechanisms to streamline & save time in data collection & handling

    No limitations on the no. of buildings or facilities you can analyse. Scale analysis and reporting activities for growing commercial building portfolios

    Have time to focus on important tasks - automate energy saving reports & customise dashboard to fit with your brand or service

    A passionate customer success team focused on helping your projects succeed & business grow

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    How does it work?



    Connect your meter and sensor devices to Wattics cloud-based energy and sustainability software. Wattics supports a wide variety of integration mechanisms to ensure seamless data collection.



    Your energy, air quality, environmental, operational and business data is imported on your Wattics dashboard. Import historical data to compare historical behaviour to current trends.



    Analyse analyse and benchmark building energy use, carbon output, indoor air quality; monitor and track KPIs and automate performance reports for large building portfolios.

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    Key features

    Monitoring & Analysis

    Drill down into consumption trends & operations for increased transparency about how your facilities are performing

    Create if this/then that calculations to better understand factors that impact current patterns and behaviours

    Calculate and set KPIs for carbon emissions, energy savings, indoor air quality and more

    Measurement & Verification + tracking of saving actions

    Benchmark building performance against recognised standards eg. RESET, WELL, LEED, ISO 50001

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    Reporting & Compliance

    16+ pre-built analyses reports to send to teammates, customers or 3rd parties

    Customise reports with your service or brand's logo and colours

    Automate reports based on sending frequency, recipient, for a specific building/site or resource eg. electricity

    Leverage insights gathered to comply with reporting requirements for green building & wellness certifications

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    Suitable for a multitude of building types

    Hotel & Leisure






    Looking for a turnkey hardware and software solution?

    Wattics is fully integrated with leading manufacturers of meters, sensors and gateway devices including Schneider Electric, Accuenergy, Smappee and others

    Have your own device? We can integrate it too!

    Talk to us about connecting your monitoring devices to Wattics via industry-standard communication interfaces such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Application Programming Interface (API).

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