Energy Management Software For Manufacturing Industries: Food & Beverage
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Energy Management Software For Food & Beverage and Manufacturing Industries

Energy analytics has been proven to benefit many different types of industries when attempting to reduce cost and waste more efficiently. Energy-intensive countries around the world, especially in the manufacturing sectors, can benefit from the use of energy analytics in mitigating waste. Cement manufacturing, steel making and the food processing are among the most energy-intensive industries [1]. We will discuss how energy analytics can benefit such industries as it is becoming increasingly important to reduce cost with such technologies to remain competitive.

Food and Beverage
Cement and Steel
How the Wattics Dashboard Can Benefit these Industries

Energy Management in Food and Beverage

Energy expenditures have been mostly overlooked as an absolute of the food and beverage industry for a while. However, today, because of the rising cost of energy, tighter margins and generally greater competitive pressure, many companies in this industry need to reduce energy consumption at a rapid rate. Finding hidden energy costs can be a source of substantial savings when they are able to monitor in real-time energy use and where to look for energy conservation measures [1]. By working with an effective metering and monitoring system, the industry participants can improve data analysis and understand how energy is used for different manufacturing processes with major pieces of equipment, develop accurate modelling of energy and material flows and identify and evaluate the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste. Those in the food processing industry need energy management analytics systems such as Wattics’s cloud based platform for real-time analytics to monitor all parts of the production system from electricity to natural gas, water, and waste water.

How Wattics Helped Some Companies in the Food Processing Industry:

Clonarn Clover – “Wattics has enhanced my company’s sustainability initiative by increasing our energy awareness. I know exactly how much energy my company is consuming and which individual areas are responsible for that consumption. Working with Wattics helped us to work smarter, not harder, which facilitated making our environmental and economic benefits realistic and achievable.” – Edel Farrelly, Quality & Sustainability Manager

Slaney Foods – “The Wattics dashboard allowed us to identify significant energy consumers within the plant. The Energy Saving reports gave very good insights into energy use at the facility and proposed effective energy saving actions” – Dympna Skelton, Slaney Foods Environmental Manager

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Energy Management in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry as a whole presents a major portion of energy consumption in the world. Specifically, within manufacturing, the steel and cement industries are amongst the highest energy-intensive industries and are struggling. Although the manufacturing of such materials is useful and necessary in many different industries, due to a change in industry style and growth for environmental reasons, cost cutting to remain competitive is essential. Cement itself accounts for approximately 83 per cent of total energy use in non-metallic minerals; however, energy use accounts for approximately 20 to 40 per cent of the total cost of cement production [2]. The production of cement involves the heating, calcining and sintering of blended and ground materials. Thus, cement is much higher on the list of causes of man-made CO2 emissions. As the two best ways to reduce energy use in the production of cement are changing the manufacturing process and adjusting the composition of cement itself, cloud-based energy management analytics systems allow companies to rapidly identify production inefficiencies and quickly make a change to reduce cost and waste in the more immediate future.

How Wattics Helped Some Companies in the Manufacturing Industry:

Grant Engineering – “We implemented some energy saving ideas and were able to use the system to verify if they worked and to what extent. For example, we set about implementing a power shut down procedure to have all machines (laser cutting) suspended to 1.5 kW, this saved us around € 100 per machine each weekend” – Padraic Condron, Production Manager

How the Wattics Energy Management Dashboard Can Benefit These Industries:

1.Allows plants to identify significant energy consumers

2.Energy Savings reports give great insights into the energy use at the facility and proposed effective energy saving actions

3.The alarms and events and real-time analysis allows such factories to understand immediately when equipment energy use deviates from the normal energy use allowing managers to immediately change behaviour in the factory and alter future production use

4.The trend analytics allows companies to let analytics engines compare energy use and alert the manager of clear energy savings actions without wasting time on manual excel sheets

5.Projected savings tools help analyze what energy savings measures would work best and track the success of the measure once implemented

6.Know exactly how much energy the company is consuming and which individual areas are responsible for that consumption. Working with Wattics helps the company work smarter, not harder

Wattics is the #1 truly white label analytics platform to enable consultants and suppliers to differentiate offering, boost satisfaction and generate a steady recurring revenue from energy analytics. With the energy management dashboard from Wattics, energy-intensive companies can work towards reducing cost and energy use with smart strategies.

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