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An energy and environment manager for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace

If the technological revolution may imply that some jobs will disappear, the energy one does exactly the opposite, creates and transforms them. The green economy that goes on silently, in small steps, acquires more and more importance for companies and citizens. And it’s not just about using clean energy, but also about saving on energy consumption about not wasting, about trying to fight climate change relentlessly in order to extend life on Earth. Wattics energy management can help solve some of these problems by utilizing our energy analytics software you can monitor your building’s energy consumption and gives energy managers the tools they need to be successful. 

A rising trend, even for Queen Elizabeth who is looking for a good energy manager for Buckingham Palace and for the many properties of the Crown.

It’s ensuring a sustainable future for world-famous historic buildings

It’s taking every opportunity to make a difference. And it’s providing insight and support that takes the whole household forward. This is what makes working for the Royal Household exceptional.

The Royal Household is working hard across our locations and operations to reduce its impact on the environment, using everything from energy-efficient LED lighting to hydro-electricity-generating plants to ensure efficient running of its sites.

You’ll join us as the dedicated person for all aspects of energy and environmental management across the complex and historically royal estates.

You’ll provide the direction for the Energy Management Strategy and Environmental agenda. And working with teams across the organization you’ll be the catalyst for activity and commitment to energy management.

Be it sustainable construction, waste reduction, or energy efficiencies and utilities, you’ll be the central point of advice for business leads to identify and implement improvements.

Energy compliance, legislation, and risk management will also be a key part of your role. You’ll put in the procedures and reporting systems to ensure we move towards our energy goals.

The key to this will be raising the profile of the Green Champion’s network across the organization; together you’ll identify opportunities for continuous environmental improvement and develop our teams’ awareness.

It’s the diversity of activities that will really challenge you, which in turn will expand your knowledge.

And in an environment that is constantly evolving, you’ll identify and develop longer-term strategies in order to actively help shape our future.

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