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ENERGY ANALYTICS WEBINAR: 2019 Success stories and Outlook

Wattics analytics webinar

2019 Round-Up, Success Stories and 2020 Technology Outlook (The Past, the present, the future)

Why is it relevant for you?

After a great year of achievements fuelled by partner success stories and HIGH GROWTH for Wattics partners, it is time to round-up the 2019 and prepare for an exciting 2020.

As the fight against climate change intensifies, we must bring business consumers into an exceptional energy saving journey.

We will share the 2020 outlook, align strategies with our partners and unveil what’s “under the hood” in our technical roadmap. We are going to press on with addressing your customers’ evolving needs, injecting more easy-to-use data analytics and differentiating your energy management offering to a much greater extent.

2020 development in Wattics

And so, we have a bag full of novelties that are coming up such as:

  • bulk upload of utility bills, portfolio configuration files, automated KPIs
  • exciting plans to expand the Wattics machine learning analytics towards more sophisticated performance anomalies detection
  • guide users from building-level to equipment-level performance benchmarking to harness a large amount of data from utility meters, sub-meters, IoT devices, local renewables and any business data.

Our mission is to cut days of analyst time spent on laborious investigation of a large number of static spreadsheets. Besides this, some exciting plans to expand the Wattics machine learning tools will lead to discover new energy performance anomalies and provide the next level of actionable insights for your customers at large.

We look forward to revealing all of this at the webinar.

Agenda Agenda

  1. Wattics platform innovations in 2019
  2. Case study: How the University in Peru got Gold LEED certification
  3. Case study: Cutting high energy consumption & identifying cost savings at Clayton Hotel in Ireland
  4. Hardware partnerships: Canada, US, Italy, Australia
  5. 2020 Energy analytics trends
  6. 2020 outlook of Wattics technology roadmap responses to trends:
    • Bulk upload of utility bills, portfolio configuration files, automated KPIs
    • Expansion of the Wattics machine learning analytics
    • Performance benchmarking
  7. Questions and answers session

Who will benefit from the webinar

    • Energy professionals
    • LEED/ISO 50001 certifiers
    • Facility managers
    • IoT/Smart meters/System integrators for commercial and industrial sectors
    • Energy auditors in retail, hospitality, pharmacy, public buildings, manufacturing sectors etc.

Who are the speakers?

Antonio Ruzzelli is a co-founder of Wattics energy analytics platform, has 15 years experience in IoT and Energy management field and a PhD in computer science. He worked on small and large energy efficiency projects, has known all the pains energy engineers face and passionately implements his knowledge and experience in the Wattics platform.


A guest speaker on the live session of December 11th to share in person the Case Study: How the University in Peru got Gold LEED certification performed by his company.

Hector Miranda is the Managing Director of Regenerativa, a leading energy efficiency consultancy in South America and holds LEED AP O&M; AP Homes accreditation. He is also the ambassador for the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), a higher-education forum supporting institutions to achieve sustainable campus operations globally.



We will host 2 live webinars:
Wednesday, December 11 @ 4:00 pm GMT (Irish time) – with the guest speaker
Thursday, December 12 @ 10:00 am GMT (Irish time)
Duration 1h 30 min

How? How to register?

We will host 2 live webinars on Zoom platform so our partners from different time zones will be able to join.

To get access to the webinar, please, register in one of the forms below:

VIEW WEBINAR Click here Wednesday, December 11, 2019

VIEW WEBINAR Click here Thursday, December 12, 2019

You will receive an email with the personal link to connect and a password to the webinar on 11th and 12th December.

See you soon!


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