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SMS notifications for Wattics alerts

Wattics is pleased to announce that SMS notifications for alerts have been re-introduced to receive timely information about your monitored data points.


SMS notifications are available for:

  • Sentinel Alerts
  • PUE Threshold Alerts
  • Custom Alerts
  • Reliability. SMS is not dependent on internet – receive notifications straight to your mobile, when on the go.
  • Speed. Expedite response times to unexpected behaviors/patterns, so that you can adjust your operations before they impact your energy bill.
  • Real-time monitoring/tracking. Keep track energy savings and progress toward project goals in real-time.

In order to receive SMS notifications, you need to have:

1. Your mobile number set in ‘My Account’ in your dashboard

If you have not set your mobile number in your account, log in to your dashboard, and set your mobile under ‘My Account’

2. Sufficient credit to receive SMS alerts

For existing alerts for which you would like to receive SMS notifications:

1. Log in to your dashboard

2. Navigate to the alerts tab, select the alert for which you would like to receive an SMS notification and click on the edit button

3. Select the SMS option when editing your alert settings. If you are not be able to select the option to receive an SMS notification, it means that you don’t have sufficient funds and that need to add or top up your SMS credit. To top up, simply click on the ‘Request a top up’  link as seen in the image below:

Once you have requested your top-up, your account billing user will receive an email notification of your request.

To receive SMS notifications when setting up a new alert for a data point, simply select the SMS option.

What if I’ve set up SMS notifications and run out of credit?

If you have set up SMS notifications and run out of credit, you will receive an email notification indicating that SMS notifications have stopped until SMS credit is available.

Should you wish to disable SMS for any 1 or more of your alert notifications, you can do so by editing the alert setting for the alert(s) you wish to disable and untick the SMS option

How to set up automatic top ups for SMS notifications [*account billing users*]

The article here details the steps to follow in order to set up automatic top-ups for SMS notifications


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