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Request for New Features

At Wattics it is our aim to provide a great experience to our partners where customer success and customer-centricity is at the heart of our organisation.

In contrast to standard SaaS companies that can be unresponsive and inflexible when it comes to adapt their software, many times we have been asked whether we could enhance or modify some parts of software and we have striven to accommodate a particular partner need. This has included:

  • Development of a new feature
  • Modification of an existing feature
  • Ability to import data from online databases or devices not yet supported
  • Ability to export data in a particular format
  • Ability to integrate with other software

Although we will indeed make an effort to accommodate your requests, new features outside the roadmap are expensive to build so we invite partners to think carefully whether a certain functionality will really make a difference to close more business or it is just “nice to have”.

The decision is ultimately made by Wattics taking into account several variables such as existing development pipeline, resources, number of partners that could benefit in the future and our company strategy.

For each of your request, please contact our customer success team at [email protected]

Your success is our success.

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