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How to embed Microsoft OneDrive into Wattics

OneDrive folders and documents are great to share information such as insights, energy efficiency tips, utility bills and more with customers.

It is now possible to exploit the potential of this tool further by embedding your OneDrive folders directly in selected users accounts, offering another powerful tool to engage with customers and give them a great service!

In order to embed your OneDrive folders in the Wattics dashboard, follow the simple steps below:

1 – Connecting to Microsoft OneDrive

Log in to your OneDrive account here:
Once logged in, your OneDrive homepage will appear

2 – Embedding a file/folder into Wattics

In order to embed a folder, you have to open it and then click on “Embed” as shown in the following image.

(folder sharing example )

In the example above, we are sharing a folder but if you wish to embed a file, you will have to select the relevant file and click on “embed”, thereafter the steps are the same.

(file sharing example below )

Once you click the “Embed” button, a new window will appear.

Click on the “Generate” button in the right control panel order to proceed (See screenshot below)

Once the HTML code to embed the page is generated, select it and copy it into your clipboard.

Open a text editor, for example Microsoft Word or desktop application like Notepad, paste the code and follow the steps as shown in the following image

Once you have the URL in your clipboard, go back to the internet browser and connect to

Click on “New embedded page” in order to set up the connection with your One Drive shared folder.

Once you get into the new embedded page configuration, you have to give it a title, paste the URL from the text editor and select the users that you wish to share the page with. Click on “Save” to complete the process.

The new embedded page will appear in a dedicated tab (see example below) in all the selected users’ dashboards.

To know more about the ‘Embedded Pages’ tool and how this tool can boost your energy project management, watch the video below:

If you have any questions about embedding your OneDrive folders or files, please contact Wattics support at: [email protected]


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