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How to delete a meter/datapoint from the dashboard

An innovative aspect of the Wattics energy management platform is to allow account administrators to add or delete single-value and multi-value data-points at any time and pay only for the active points on the dashboard. Hence, a deleted point will not be charged in the successive month following deletion. This service enables an elastic pricing to avoid upfront charges for data-points not yet registered, to effectively manage charges when data points are added or deleted and to finally optimise the platform cost in line with your business success.

In order to avoid a wrong permanent deletion of data, the deletion of data points must be requested to our customer success team via the Intercom in-app support tool or by email to [email protected]. Data-point deletion is performed within 48 hours following a request, provided that the request is valid and unambiguous.

Since data points may have similar names across organisations and sites, to avoid errors it is important that the partner administrator reports the list of unique data-points IDentifiers for the points to be deleted.
The data-points ID can be found by clicking on the “Data” tab then “Attributes” then selecting the point on the menu tree to be deleted as shown in the picture below.

Should you need to delete all the points under an organisation or a site, please indicate on Intercom or via email that you require all data-points to be deleted for a certain organisation or site for example:

  1. We request to delete permanently the site Alpha Hotel under Best Resorts and all the data-points belonging to that site. We understand that this operation will delete all data for the data points indicated and is irreversible.
  2. We request to delete permanently the data point hosp_demo_107_(MDB)LA1 under Best Resorts -> Alpha Hotel. We understand that this operation will delete all data for the data points indicated and is irreversible.

The customer success team at Wattics will do its best to carefully delete data-points and request additional information if needed. However, we would like to highlight that ultimately it is responsibility to the partner to provide an accurate list of datapoint IDs or to avoid ambiguity due to for example imprecision of datapoint IDs, organisation or site name. Wattics cannot be held responsible for a wrong deletion of data due to an ambiguous request by the partner.

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